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This plant-based butter spread is made from coconut oil

Steph Arnaldo
This plant-based butter spread is made from coconut oil

DAIRY-FREE. SAGANA has made a vegan alternative to creamy butter using coconut oil.

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Local business SAGANÀ's coconut spread is a worthy, dairy-free alternative to creamy, mildly salted butter

Vegans and the lactose-intolerant, your prayers have been answered – there’s a new creamy butter in town, and it’s 100% plant-based and locally-made.

Local business SAGANÀ’s coconut spread is made from 81% pure, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, 35% lauric acid, 15% water, and 1.5% salt. The dairy-free butter alternative is built like a standard butter brick, and tastes just like a mildly salted one.

Consistency-wise, it’s on point – it cuts just like a creamy butter, and melts the same way, too. Plus, it’s not that greasy or heavy, making it an easy-to-love, lighter, and healthier substitute to tasty butter.

You can easily spread a slice of SAGANÀ’s coconut spread on warm toast or even steamed kamote, as it is quick to melt. You can even use it to cook your plant-based dishes and casseroles, as well as bake pastries. It also makes for a guilt-free, savory addition to steamed veggies, sandwiches, or even pasta (vegan mac and cheese, anyone?)

SAGANÀ’s Philippine-made coconut spread does not contain any vegetable or palm oils (only pure coconut oil), so it has zero trans fat. The coconut oil is extracted from a single source in Southern Luzon, and is sent straight to SAGANÀ’s local manufacturing plant.

SAGANÀ is a Swiss-Filipino social enterprise that works with small farmers, cooperatives, and organizations to strive for sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. SAGANÀ’s dairy-free butter uses 70% less water to make, and emits up to 50% less of carbon dioxide in the process.

SAGANÀ’s FDA-approved coconut spread costs P255 a 225g brick. It is available to order via SAGANÀ’s website and select grocery and vegan stores in Metro Manila. You can also check out SAGANÀ’s Instagram page for more information. –

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