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Try plant-based, KFC-style ‘fried chicken’ from this Quezon City shop

Steph Arnaldo
Try plant-based, KFC-style ‘fried chicken’ from this Quezon City shop

Photo from Latasia Fusion's Facebook page

These breaded Fried Chick'un bites also come with flavorful mushroom gravy

The vegan community is nothing short of creative. From plant-based “lechon belly” to vegan “chicharon,” anything can pretty much be vegan-ized nowadays – including KFC-style “fried chicken,” made by local shop Latasia Fusion.

One look and Latasia Fusion’s KindTakaw Fried Chick’un eerily resemble KFC’s brown, thick, spiced breading. What’s inside is soy protein, rolled in a special blend of mixed spices and flour, and then fried. The breading is spot-on – it’s savory and well-seasoned, with a hint of acidity and a lot of umami.

Note: the texture, however, isn’t like crunchy fried chicken, and the consistency of the soy protein is chewy and stretchy, but it’s forgivable, considering its flavor.

Their KindTakaw Fried Chick’un is served with a delicious, homemade, vegan mushroom gravy that’s also reminiscent of KFC’s. It’s just more watery in consistency, but the richness, spices, and real mushroom bits are there.

The chicken dipped in gravy is a flavor bomb on its own, perfect with a warm cup of rice, mashed potatoes, or as a solo pica-pica. Just a heads-up: the crunchiness might differ upon delivery, depending on your location.

A bucket of 10 pieces costs P300, while a half-bucket of 6 pieces costs P200.

Latasia Fusion, a vegan restaurant founded in July 2006, is located along Luzon Avenue, Quezon City. They’re open from Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm. To order, you can message their Facebook page. –

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