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Nostalgic! Get Potchi, Iced Gems, Choco Mallows donuts from this Makati bakery

Steph Arnaldo
Nostalgic! Get Potchi, Iced Gems, Choco Mallows donuts from this Makati bakery

DONUTS. POISON Coffee & Doughnuts releases a new Pinoy-candy inspired line.

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The new Pinoy candy-inspired donut line of POISON also includes Hawhaw, Chocnut, and Curly Tops flavors

MANILA, Philippines – Missing your favorite childhood candy? If you’re a millennial with a sweet tooth and a sucker for anything nostalgic, you’ll be giddy to know that Makati City bakeshop POISON Coffee & Doughnuts has a new line of Pinoy candy-inspired donuts and drinks, ready to take you on a trip down memory lane!

POISON’s iconic flavors include HawHaw, Chocnut, Iced Gems, Curly Tops, Potchi, and Choco Mallows.

A personal favorite would be the Potchi (P95), a unique but likable take on the sweet-sour strawberry gummy candy (and it’s not as weird as it may sound). POISON’s signature chewy sourdough donut is filled with a sweet-tangy strawberry Potchi cream, topped with freeze-fried strawberries and encrusted with strawberry sugar. Think of it like a sweet-sour strawberries and cream donut!

The adorable Iced Gems (P95) is a brioche donut filled with a mild vanilla-biscuit spread and topped with the iconic, colorful, crunchy swirl that is sweet, baked meringue. The Hawhaw (P95) tastes like a sweeter bavarian donut; it’s coated in a Hawhaw milk candy glaze, topped with whipped cream and Hawhaw bits.

For chocoholics, the Choco Mallow (P95) won’t disappoint – the dark chocolate-coated donut is stuffed with marshmallow and cacao whipped cream, and of course, topped with a hefty chocolate-covered marshmallow that’s like a fluffy bite of heaven. There’s also the Curly Tops (P95) flavor, glazed with chocolate, filled with coffee custard, and topped with Curly Tops bits. Lastly, there’s the classic Chocnut (P95), which is very hard not to like – its smooth choco-peanut glaze unmistakably tastes like the candy, and is topped with chunks of Chocnut and salted Chocnut crumble.

POISON also offers three candy-themed drinks, like the Chocnut Iced Latte (P180) made with Yardstick’s Golden Ticket coffee beans and drizzled with Chocnut syrup; the Hawhaw Milk Dinosaur (P180), a milky, creamy drink topped with Hawhaw powder; and the fruity Potchi Strawberry Milk (P180).

POISON’s Pinoy Candy Doughnuts and drinks are available starting February 11 and 18, respectively. They can be ordered for dine-in, takeout, and delivery via Tasteless’ website, Poison’s website, Pickaroo, Foodpanda, GrabFood, Metromart, Dingdong, and Rider Ko.

POISON is located in Karrivin Plaza along Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. They’re open from 11 am to 9 pm on Mondays to Wednesdays, and from 11 am to 10 pm on Thursdays to Sundays. –

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