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Try kakanin ice cream cakes in sapin-sapin, puto bumbong flavors from this local shop
Try kakanin ice cream cakes in sapin-sapin, puto bumbong flavors from this local shop
There are also bibingka and leche flan torte ice cream cakes this holiday season

MANILA, Philippines – Here’s something that will get you into the Pinoy holiday spirit – bibingka and sapin-sapin ice cream cakes! Artisanal ice cream shop Sebastian’s new holiday offerings include the return of last year’s ice cream cake favorite, the Bibingka Supreme, as well as new Pinoy flavors reminiscent of well-loved Christmas traditions.

This year, four new ice cream cakes are available – Bibingka Supreme, and the new Puto Bumbong Deluxe, Sapin Sapin Special, and Leche Flan Torte. Each multi-textural cake stacks layers of different ingredients and flavors to create a cohesive and familiar-tasting treat.

The Bibingka Supreme – composed of “layers of keso ice cream, salted egg yolk ice cream, and freshly-baked bibingka made with rice flour and topped with salted duck eggs, cheese and grated niyog” – comes back from its debut last year after fan acclaim. 

The Sapin-Sapin Special turns Sebastian’s original kakanin ice cream into an ice cream cake. The cake, which is made up of “layers of freshly-baked kutsinta cake flavored with pandan, gata kakanin ice cream, langka cake made with fresh langka, and ube kakanin ice cream; topped with crunchy latik and toasted niyog.”

The Puto Bumbong Deluxe uses puto bumbong kakanin ice cream, muscovado ice cream, and puto bumbong cake with grated coconut and muscovado toffee crisp on top, while the Leche Flan Torte is a orange butter cake with leche flan ice cream and real leche flan.

The prices for all four cakes, both served in slices or as a whole, are as follows:

  • Bibingka Supreme: P1,750 (whole) P165 (slice)
  • Puto Bumbong Deluxe: P1,650 (whole) P155 (slice)
  • Sapin Sapin Special: P1,650 (whole) P155 (slice)
  • Leche Flan Torte: P1,750 (whole) P165 (slice)

Apart from cakes, this season marks the return of the Chocolate Crinkle Chilly Burgers, and also introduces a new type of crinkle, the Ube Crinkle Chilly Burgers, into the mix.

The Chocolate Crinkle Chilly Burgers, which are made up of two soft chocolate crinkles and a thick patty of rich ice cream sandwiched in between, come in two returning variants: White Chocolate Crinkle and Peppermint Crinkle, as well as in a new variant: Hazelnut Crinkle.

Similar to these chocolate-flavored sweets are the new Ube Crinkle Chilly Burgers that come in three variants: Ube Keso Crinkle, Ube Buko Crinkle, and Ube Leche Flan Crinkle. All Crinkle Chilly Burgers cost P140 per piece, but can also be purchased as a five-piece gift box for P700.

All of Sebastian’s limited edition holiday treats can be ordered via its online store or at its branch in The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. Sebastian’s also released five avocado-themed ice cream desserts in August. –

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