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This Manila biz makes plant-based ‘inihaw na liempo’

Steph Arnaldo
This Manila biz makes plant-based ‘inihaw na liempo’

Photos from Shirley's Just Vegan's Facebook page

This vegan-friendly 'liempo' comes with a sweet and savory barbecue sauce

First there was plant-based “chicharon vaboy.” Now, there’s plant-based, Pinoy-style “inihaw na liempo,” made by local business Shirley’s Just Vegan.

Shirley’s latest vegan item looks almost` like the classic Pinoy grilled pork dish; from its smoky, charred look to the shiny “pork fat.” Don’t be fooled though, because all ingredients are plant-based – there’s textured vegetable protein, flour, cassava starch, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and anato paste to mimic meat’s freshly-grilled, reddish-brown tint.

If you’re looking for a healthier substitute to that sweet, Pinoy-style inihaw na liempo flavor, this take will suffice – the vegan liempo’s smoky, soy marinade is tasty, and the thick barbecue sauce it comes with is sweet, savory, and a tad tangy. The Pinoy-style barbecue sauce, which is made from soy sauce, sugar, flour, garlic, and onion, is a must to dip the liempo in (and even pour over your rice)!

The liempo itself doesn’t completely mimic pork texture, but for those looking for a meat-free substitute, it’s close enough. Beside the stretchy litid there are a few stringy, “muscle fibers” and a generous chunk of taba, which doesn’t exactly melt in your mouth like real pork fat, but does have a very chewy, tapioca-like consistency. It’s great paired with a side of ensalada – tomatoes, onions, and some green mango.

Shirley’s plant-based inihaw na liempo costs P285 for 6 slabs and barbecue sauce. It’s delivered freshly-cooked and warm, but you can always reheat it in the the microwave for a minute or on the pan for two minutes.

Shirley’s Just Vegan is based in San Andres, Manila. You can place your orders via SMS at 0999 518 9680 or Facebook. –

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