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South Korean bakes ‘Squid Game’-themed dog treats

South Korean bakes ‘Squid Game’-themed dog treats

Lee Jin-sun, store owner, makes dog cookies based on the Netflix series 'Squid Game' at a pet store in Seoul, South Korea, October 26, 2021.

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For Halloween, this cooking studio owner hosts baking classes with customers to make wheat-free dog treats inspired by the viral series

A South Korean pet cooking studio owner has started a baking class through which fans of Netflix’s Squid Game TV show can share the Halloween fun with their dogs by making them cookies.

The wheat-free dog treats come in the shapes of sugar candies popularized by the series, as well as the guards in pink jumpsuits and black masks who appear in the nine-part thriller, said shop owner Lee Jin-sun, who has a one-year-old Maltese poodle named Geumdong.

Lee Jin-sun, store owner, and Hwang Hye-won, student, make dog cookies for the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ at a pet store in Seoul, South Korea, October 26, 2021.

“We can’t go to Halloween parties these days (due to COVID-19). So, after watching the Squid Game, I came up with the idea of baking these cookies my dog loves,” she said, of the treats in which she uses rice and coconut powder instead of wheat, and beetroot and carob for coloring.

Lee’s one-on-one, in-person class is already fully booked for October.

“It’s like a dog version of Squid Game. It’s so much fun and seems like the dog loves it too,” said Hwang Hye-won who joined Lee for baking class this week, offering a cookie to Geumdong dressed in a dog-sized costume, themed like the green tracksuits from the show.

Squid Game, which debuted on September 17, became Netflix’s most-watched original series in its first month, helping the world’s largest streaming service add 4.38 million new subscribers. –

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