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Shawarma bake: What it is and where to find it

Steph Arnaldo
Shawarma bake: What it is and where to find it
Shawarma rice, meat, veggies, sauce, and cheese – curious to try the shawarma bake trend? Here's where you can!

Who doesn’t love shawarma? One of the more popular dishes from the Middle East, shawarma is that big, cone-shaped slab of meat you usually see rotating against a vertical fire (or “spit”), spiced, seasoned, roasted slowly, and then cut thinly into slices and/or chopped into bits.

Traditionally, shawarma is made from mutton or lamb, but in the Philippines, chicken and beef are more commonly used. Once chopped, the meat is placed inside toasted pita, alongside fresh veggies (onions, tomatoes, cucumbers), a yogurt-garlic sauce, optional hot sauce, and even cheese, rolled together to form the famed on-the-go snack.

Are we even surprised that shawarma has made it to the ECQ baked trend list? Joining sushi bake, samgyup bake, and nacho bake, shawarma bake stacks all of the wrap’s ingredients – plus hummus and/or rice, as some brands would – in layers, oven-baked together until cheesy and bubbly.

The packed casserole is meant to be scooped up using a bite-sized pita, and then devoured in one multi-layered bite.

Here are a few local home-based businesses serving their own iterations of the meaty dish for delivery in Metro Manila.

Flavor Fusion Corner

Taguig-based catering service Flavor Fusion Corner has added a roasted shawarma bake to their menu – a pan of hummus, minced beef, cucumbers, roasted tomatoes, and onions, served with pita bread and a house-blend yogurt tahini-garlic sauce and an optional spicy sauce.

You can get in two sizes: an 8×2 tray (P339) good for 2-4 people with 12 pita wraps and a 12×10 tray (P1,179) with 48 pita wraps.

You can order via Viber at 09154817382 or via their Facebook page.

The PUNtry

The PUNTry’s shawarma bake features ground beef, cheese, rice, sauce, tomatoes and onions, going for P1,400 for the 12×10 tray (good for 7-8) and P750 for the 8×8 tray (good for 3-4).


They can deliver from their Katipunan hub on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and the weekends. For orders, you can message via Viber at 09275962327.

Drake Bakes

Drake Bakes’ Paranaque-based commissary sells a circular pan of baked shawarma rice for an introductory price of P199, which includes java rice, beef shawarma, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, garlic sauce, cheese sauce, and mozzarella on top.

Extra garlic, cheese, or spicy sauce is available at P20 a container. For orders, you can message their Instagram page.

Just Got Baked MNL

Just Got Baked’s 7″ shawarma bake of rice, beef, veggies, and cheese costs P350 a 7″ tin and can feed 3-4 people.

They’re based in Caloocan. You can order via their Facebook page.

Chef Pat’s Kitchen

Chef Pat’s beefy, cheesy baked shawarma costs P179 per pan, is good for 1-2 people, and comes with 4 mini pita breads and sauce on the side.

You can also add extra egg (P15) or melted cheese (P10) to your order.

The Taguig-based home kitchen is taking orders via their Facebook page.

The Beef Factory

The Beef Factory wasn’t joking about their name – they don’t just serve shawarma bake, but also shawarma pizza, pasta, burritos, wraps, quesadillas, and baked pockets!

Their shawarma bake costs P299, is good for 4-6 people, and comes with 16 pita slices. Although they’re located in Cainta, Rizal, they can still ship to Metro Manila.

For orders, you can message their Facebook page.


Based in Marikina, HolyCakes sells two sizes of their shawarma bake trays – small (P400) for 2-3 persons and the large (P700), good for 4-6.

You can get in touch via Facebook or via SMS at
09173032140. – Rappler.com

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