Get tres leches cake in horchata, strawberry from this Quezon City kitchen

The milky tres leches cake has recently become a household hit with many Filipino sweet tooths – this light sponge cake is generously soaked in 3 kinds of milk (usually condensed, evaporated, and heavy cream) until moist, soft, and creamy. The second layer usually consists of a fluffy cream filling, and is topped with a dusting of powder or fruits.

If a tres leches craving hits, check out Quezon City home kitchen Dolce By Anica – she serves two kinds of homemade tres leches in strawberry and horchata flavors.

The milky cake base is pretty much what you'd expect a tres leches cake to be like – moist, spongy, and seeping with a secret milk trio in every forkful. It also has just the right amount of sweetness, with the whipped cream on top adding a fluffy texture to the cake.

Dolce's horchata flavor's whipped cream horchata frosting (which is dusted with cinnamon powder) tastes just like the comforting Mexican drink, typically made with white rice, vanilla, nuts, cinnamon, and sugar. Her horchata blend is also mixed into the tres leches' cake batter, so you definitely won't miss out on that cinnamon-y, horchata flavor.

Docle's strawberry flavor though, is more on the light, subtler side – the whipped cream is simply vanilla flavored, with the generous addition of fresh strawberry slices on top for that juicy tang. If you're a fan of strawberry shortcakes, this is worth a try!

Dolce's horchata tres leches comes in a party size (P1,000) and solo size (P220), as well as the strawberry (P1,200, P250).

Dolce by Anica is located along Commonwealth, Quezon City. She's taking horchata cake pre-orders for October 29 deliveries. You can message Dolce by Anica on Instagram to order. –

Steph Arnaldo

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