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Enjoy tuna, salmon, uni sashimi in one platter from this Quezon City shop

Steph Arnaldo
Enjoy tuna, salmon, uni sashimi in one platter from this Quezon City shop
This platter for sharing also has spicy salmon and spicy tuna salads on the side

Can’t decide between salmon, tuna, and uni sashimi? Just get them all. Quezon City-based shop Santino’s Seafoods serves all 3 – plus spicy tuna and salmon sashimi salads – in one group platter.

Santino’s Ultimate Platter (P1,700) is a feast for the eyes – 300 grams of generously-cut, fresh slices of raw salmon and tuna each are neatly packed on either side, with a 120-gram serving of creamy uni (sea urchin) in the center.

The salmon and tuna sashimi are sliced thick enough for its price, taste fresh (not fishy), and are smooth in texture – no chewy bits here. The uni doesn’t have that strong, sea-like, salty aftertaste either, but I did encounter a few rough granules while eating it (probably left over from the shucking).

Santino’s keto-friendly spicy sashimi salads are not for the faint of heart – the spicy tuna features chunky cubes of raw tuna, heavily coated in chili powder, a fiery house-blend spicy sauce, and then topped with sesame seeds.

The spicy salmon salad’s heat is slightly less intense due to the creamy mayo it’s mixed in, but it still carries a spicy, mouth-tingling punch. The spicy mayo works well with the big cubes of buttery raw salmon.

The spicy sashimi salads weigh around 250 grams each, with the whole Ultimate Platter at approximately 1,220 grams.

For its price of P1,700, Santino’s offering is a worthy indulgence to spend on, considering the amount of fresh seafood you’re getting and that it’s good to share among 5-8 people. It’s also a plus if you’re a fan of spicy sashimi salads that don’t hold back on the heat! Each order comes with complimentary chopsticks, soy sauce, and wasabi.

According to Santino’s, their fresh tuna and salmon can last for up to 5-7 days stored in the refrigerator, while the uni can keep for up to 3 days. Their seafood is sliced fresh before delivery.

Santino’s Seafoods is based in Cubao, Quezon City. They accept same-day delivery orders until 4 pm daily, and deliver every day from 11 am to 6 pm. To order, you can check out their order form on Instagram. – Rappler.com

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