This Laguna bakery makes ube rolls with ube halaya inside

Here's another local merienda treat to add to your ube-flavored pastry list: Laguna Baker's ube rolls, made with real ube halaya inside.

Photo from Laguna Bakers' Instagram page

The rolls, an ube version of the popular dessert and merienda, features soft, pillowy, and airy bread. Each piece also has butter and sugar on top, which gives it a nice, sweet crunch.

Photo from Laguna Bakers' Instagram page

Instead of cheese as its filling though, Laguna Bakers' ube roll has a surprise chunky center of homemade ube halaya inside.

A box of 6 costs P240, while a dozen costs P480.

Photo from Laguna Bakers' Instagram page

Laguna Bakers offers original cheese rolls also worth a try at the same price, with the usual savory cheese in the middle.

The Laguna bakery can deliver around their area and to Metro Manila. You can text them at 09062703216 for orders, or visit their Instagram page. –

Steph Arnaldo

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