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Peanutella, blueberry, macapuno: This ‘pandanesal bakery’ offers unique flavors

Peanutella, blueberry, macapuno: This ‘pandanesal bakery’ offers unique flavors
Pandan-flavored pandesal with strawberry, macapuno, pandan, and Nutella fillings – why not?

Ube cheese pandesal we’ve heard a lot of, but pandan-esal? Not so much.

A spin on the traditional Filipino bread, pandanesal uses real pandan flavor in its bread base, which lends it a bright green hue and a subtly fragrant, pandan flavor.

But, Pandan Pastrie Bites doesn’t stop there.

The local Quezon City bakery offers soft pandanesal with a variety of unique, homemade fillings.

Their classic Pandanesal Espesyal features macapuno, pandan filling, and white cheese inside, but you can also get it without the macapuno, which is their Pandanesal Premium White Cheese variant.

Fruitier options include the Strawberry White Cheese (real strawberry filling and white cheese) and the Blueberry White Cheese, while the Peanutella (creamy PB and Nutella) and Coconutella (Nutella and desiccated coconut) are their sweeter choices.

One dozen of Pandan Pastrie Bites’ pandanesals costs P325, and can include any 3 flavors out of the 6.

You can also get just plain pandanesal for P175 a dozen.

Pandan Pastrie Bites is located along Samar Avenue, Quezon City. They’re open from 9 am to 4 pm daily, and can deliver around Metro Manila at fixed rates, depending on your city.

You can place your orders via Pandan Pastrie Bites’ Facebook page. –