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WATCH: Eating raw woodworms in Palawan
WATCH: Eating raw woodworms in Palawan
The Tamilok is considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac in parts of Palawan

PALAWAN, Philippines – The province of Palawan is known for its breathtaking island sceneries, rich marine life, cashew nut production, and Tamilok—the “woodworm” you eat raw.

To harvest them, one must chop a rotted mangrove branch in half. Once exposed, you can extract them from the wood, wash the body with vinegar, remove the black part of the woodworm, and eat it up.

Watch Rappler Visayas reporter John Sitchon eat Tamilok the proper way: either dressed in spices and calamansi juice, similar to the typical Filipino kinilaw, or with a sauce bowl of vinegar. –

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