5 quick and easy ways to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle

Alexa Villano
5 quick and easy ways to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle
Ina Raymundo, Paulo Avelino, Sunshine Cruz, and Alice Dixson give us advice on how to live at our healthiest


MANILA, Philippines – Whether they’re looking the part for a movie, or they’re just casually hanging poolside on Instagram, celebrities always look good. How do they do it? While cosmetic procedures are an easy way to achieve a slim figure, nothing beats proper exercise and the right diet, said Century Tuna Superbod Ageless ambassadors Alice Dixson, Ina Raymundo, Paulo Avelino, and Sunshine Cruz.

We had the chance to ask these 4 stars for their best health advice. Here’s what they think are the best ways you can become your best self. (READ: Sunshine Cruz, Ina Raymundo on raising healthy children)

1. Turn your favorite sport or hobby into regular exercise.

When it comes to exercise, all of the endorsers are just doing what they love. Gerald Anderson and Matteo Guidicelli, who are also ambassadors for the brand, are into competing in triathlons. Alice, who is into a lot of outdoor sports, plays volleyball, Sunshine mixes up her routine with boxing, spinning, and zumba, and Ina goes to the gym and does zumba too.

“I think when you exercise, it’s like there’s a natural glow,” Sunshine said, in a mix of English and Filipino.





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2.  Eat right and healthy.

All 4 stars agreed that eating right is a must. While there are many fad diets, Ina and Alice said that it’s best to have meal plans that will suit your body.

Ina’s diet is 6 small meals – she eats every 3 hours, which means she always brings snacks with her. “So yung energy mo ay saktong-sakto lang, hindi ka nagsusugar low, hindi ka nagsusugar high,” she said. (So your energy is just right, you won’t get a sugar low or a sugar high.)

Alice, on the other hand, said she has tried diets like Keto, but that they didn’t work with her lifestyle. She also said that more often than not, fad diets are found to be harmful years after they become trendy. 

So sa akin (So for me), eat in moderation, take the calorie intake that your body can actually burn, and if you want to lose weight… lessen the amount of food you intake and do more activity. And if you want to gain, just do the opposite.”



3. Drink a lot of water.

Ina emphasized the importance of drinking water: “I drink lots of water. Para ma-moisturize (So it will moisturize) [your skin]; especially when you’re sick.”

Aside from quenching your thirst and helping your body function properly, water is also the perfect substitute for higher calorie drinks, like soda and juices. 

4. Have a positive attitude.

Alice said that one thing she, Ina, and Sunshine have in common is their healthy attitude towards the situations they’ve faced. “As I was saying to [ABS-CBN reporter] Mario Dumaual earlier, there is a mind-body connection talaga. You take care of your body and your mind will follow, and vice versa.

OVERCOMING PERSONAL ISSUES. Alice Dixson says a positive mind is very important to a healthy lifestyle. File photo by Precious del Valle/Rappler

“So it’s not a matter of ‘I feel like this is the lowest of my low,’ you can say it in a postive way, and say, ‘I’m going to overcome this obstacle.’ And that’s what will make your lives also perfect,” Alice said. 

5. Get a lot of rest and take your vitamins. 

Nothing is more important than rest says Paulo: “Maybe the best [beauty tip] I could give is get as much rest as you can.” Rest isn’t just for helping your body recover from strenous activities. Studies have found that a lack of sleep leads to higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

REST. Paulo Avelino says the best tip he can give about wellness is get a lot of sleep. File photo by Jay Ganzon/Rappler.com

Alice also recommended taking vitamin supplements: “[What] I highly recommend is supplements. Because no matter how you healthy you eat, you don’t always receive the right amount of or quality of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.” Alice recommended taking vitamins C and E for better skin and hair, and calcium for stronger bones. – Rappler.com


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