The flow in our stars: Yoga for the Libra season

Monica Gamboa
The flow in our stars: Yoga for the Libra season
Libra’s fundamental focus is on partnerships and relationships

This isn’t another horoscope, but a wellness guide. It aim is to use the stars as a foundation instead of a specific diet or workout. There are endless ways to stay healthy and feel good. Fortunately, contemporary focus is shifting towards a more holistic wellness.

Wellness is not just the body but also the mind, emotions, and spirit. Rather than focusing on acute care and disease diagnosis and management, wellness focuses on prevention and health optimisation.

However, when we enter into these intangible realms, many wellness modalities become hard to prove with our current scientific yardsticks but one reason these modalities are now more mainstream is that people who experience them need no further proof other than the way they feel.

The proof is in our personal health and experience.

Historical texts such as Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, which centers on the philosophy and practice of astrology, have long recognised that the signs appear to rule over certain parts of the body. With the awareness of our body’s weak points, we are given clues on how to change our lifestyle so visits to the doctor become less.

This series of articles presents another way to access all your tangible and intangible bits to help them start functioning as a unified whole. As you take increased responsibility of your well-being, also try a new way of doing it — one that will expand your understanding of health and wellness.

Usually, you’d just read the portion that relates to your Sun Sign. However, you’re encouraged to experience every article because every body region and sign lives within you. This is a reason why it’s also recommended to get both charts read. Everyday, the different signs express themselves differently through you.

Now we dive into Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac.

The Libra’s mission is to dive deep into the other, and to do so without losing themselves in the midst of it all. With all your personal hopes, dreams and desires, are you still able to accommodate others? It’s a fine line to walk as you question where you end and others begin. This requires balancing multiple scales of truth, a task that the sign of Libra is here to graciously do.

The lower back or the lower spine is the region associated with Libra. This area contains large vertebral bones which support all the weight above it – from your head, neck arms, and back, while balancing the movement of your torso.

There are muscles believed to be involved in lower back pain, which is a common reason for visits to the doctor. Lower back pain may stem from overusing the back, misusing it, or a combination of the two. Your back has literally got your back. Do you give it the support it needs to support you?

If its muscles and joints are weak and unstable, or poorly supported by the abdomen, they won’t be able to balance everything that comes on top. If you can’t balance your own weight, how are you supposed to effectively do the same for others? Knowing how to balance others begins by knowing how to balance you.

The Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is great pose to strengthen the lower back.

Here’s how you do it: 

  • Lie flat on your belly. The hands are flat on the floor, directly under your shoulders. Fingers are engaged and elbows are hugged in toward your sides. Legs are elongated, with the tops of your feet pressed into the floor. 
  • Inhale and begin to extend the elbows, lifting your chest off the floor. The lift should arise from the strength of your back muscles and your lower back, and not your arms. Hips and legs stay on the ground. Be mindful not to hold your breath. 
  • Extend your arms only to the height at which you can maintain a connect between the front of your pelvis and the floor. This might mean that your elbows remain bent. Make sure your head and neck are aligned as a continuation of the rest of your spine and not overly extended or flexed; your gaze should fall diagonally on the floor in front of you. 
  • Depress your shoulders, firm your shoulders blades against your back and lift your hands two inches off of the floor. Notice if the height of your back lowers as a result. 
  • Hold the pose for thirty seconds while breathing. 
  • Release to the floor on an exhalation.

The height of your back when your hands are off the floor represents the strength of your back. In other words, the stronger your back becomes, the higher it will be to lift off the floor. Of course, strength needs to be balanced with a stretch so your back does not become too rigid.

Instead, it should posses a flexible stability that allow it to give and receive support both internally and externally. This, perhaps, comes from yet another Libra lesson between saying no to others and yes to you.

Libra’s fundamental focus is on partnerships and relationships. The lesson with this energy is to make sure that your Libra does not lose her integrity in attuning to everyone else’s needs.

Covering up her own truth – or not standing up for it – can many times make it easier to keep the peace. By not rocking the boat, she chooses superficiality to command her word and deed. People pleasing can be tiring. It is not uncommon then for your Libra side to reach a point of fatigue, generally feeling out of balance.

Questions to ask yourself to help balance your Libra scales:

  • Is your life balanced? What areas of your life do you feel out of balance? How can you rebalance the scales in your life?
  • What truths are fundamental to who you are and what you do? How do you incorporate it in your daily life?
  • Do you know where you end and the other begins? 
  • Does your back support you in your current lifestyle? What needs to happen for you and your back to feel even better supported?
  • How supportive is your back? Whether it feels resisting, yielding, or somewhere in between, the key is listening to your body and giving it what it needs.

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Monica Lopez Gamboa, also known as Monch the Mystic, completed Debra Silverman’s Online Astrology Program in April 2016 and has been giving readings since. Currently, she is exploring the roots of the subject in Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology course. 

Aside from studying the stars, she recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Eileen Tupaz at the White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio. She now studies astrology in relation to yoga and the body. Book a reading with Monch on her website.

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