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Add casket to cart: The death care industry goes digital

Add casket to cart: The death care industry goes digital

St. Peter Life Plan

Have you already thought of whether you wanted a casket or cremation?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more and more brick-and-mortar businesses have opened digital counterparts – and the death care industry is no exception.

On Monday, November 29, St. Peter Life Plan joined the roster of death care service companies available online with their first eStore, allowing people to choose their death care products and services ahead of time, for themselves or for their loved ones.

“Death is inevitable,” said Jonathan Vitangcol, Chief Operating Officer of St. Peter Life Plan, during the virtual launch. “That’s why we want to be here for them, to make it easy for the Filipino family to plan ahead so they can enjoy life more.”

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Online, customers can choose between traditional plans and cremation plans. Traditional plans involve caskets, while cremation plans involve urns or a combination or urns and caskets.

You can literally click on the urn of your choice, for instance, and add it to your cart, just like in any other online shopping experience. Managing your plan could also be easier given that you can access it from your gadget and make changes at any time.

“Our clients, we treat them like family. Since we deal with death, and it’s inevitable, we have to be compassionate. We have to think how they feel during those hard times…and make things easier for them,” Vitangcol stressed.

Over the past years, we’ve gotten used to honoring our dead with online wakes and funerals, so actually planning their components online makes sense. Paying tribute to someone’s life, after all, is not about proximity; it can be done with true love and sincerity from the safety and comfort of home. –