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Manifest! Where to buy crystals online for your emotional needs

Steph Arnaldo
Manifest! Where to buy crystals online for your emotional needs
Do you believe in the healing power of crystals? Whether you're looking for inner peace, grounding, self-love, or prosperity, there's a pretty crystal waiting to be adopted by you!

MANILA, Philippines – For every season and every reason, there’s probably a crystal for it.

As pretty as they are, crystals aren’t just aesthetically used for jewelry or home decor – for many believers, crystals are their go-to grounding “instruments” believed to help promote inner and outer healing and good feelings, ward off negativity, and help one stay grounded, no matter the circumstances.

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They may seem only trendy now, but they’ve actually been around for centuries – these “healing crystals” and stones have been used by various ancient cultures, just like how Chinese families still use the prized jade stone to promote prosperity, abundance, nobility, and harmony in the home, and how Ancient Egyptians used crystal quartz, lapiz lazuli, and carnelian in their amulets and burial rituals for protection from evil spirits.

In an age where astrology and spiritual health are all the rage, it isn’t surprising that these beautiful rocks from nature are making their way to more people’s bedside night stands, manifesting stations, pockets, and purses, usually used in conjunction with prayer and meditation as “alternative therapy.” Although they shouldn’t be replacing regular doctor’s visits in any way, many do swear by how crystals can somehow “heal” or help with their personal and environmental energy (and personally, my crystal collection does help)!

If you’re a beginner to the world of crystals, no worries. Welcome! It’s all love, light, and good vibes here, so get ready to channel your manifesting powers and start adopting your new crystal collection with the help of these local online crystal shops.

Crystal Age

Crystal Age, an online and physical shop located in UP Village, Quezon City, sells all kinds of natural crystals for your spiritual journey in many forms – from hand-made pendants to obelisks, and more!

Most of the crystals come in raw and rough form (meaning they aren’t polished yet into stones). They offer most of the basic, first-time crystals for beginners, like the amethyst, which is known to be a “stress-relieving, powerful, and protective” stone that helps with sleep problems, anxiety, and even addictions, as it encourages inner strength and balance. Before I sleep, I place my dream amethyst stone under my pillow for some good zzz’s.

Crystal Age’s pretty crystal pendants can be worn around the neck or used as a keychain – they use various rocks like white jade, white moonstone, rose quartz, emerald, amazonite, turquoise, sapphire, and the crowd-favorite clear quartz, a powerful cleansing stone to help clear the mind, enhance mental clarity, emotional stability, and aid in meditation and manifestation. They also have bracelets, crystal chips, towers, tumbles, and more.

You can check out Crystal Age on Instagram.

Lucienne Crystals

Home-based business Lucienne Crystals offer different crystals “curated for every mood.” The hub is based in Pasig City, but they do nationwide shipping in “open box” form – meaning you can just keep on adding new crystals to your final order anytime you feel like it, before you decide to close your box for shipping.

Lucienne offers quality crystals at affordable prices in various forms – there are sticks, spheres, mini and large towers, points, palm stones, tumbles, cubes, raw/rough, and even cute hearts and moon shapes to choose from.

For some sunshine in your pocket, the “happy stone” that is citrine is a good choice – it is believed to “carry the power of the sun” and is energizing, warming, generous, creative, and promotes feelings of gratitude, joy, and abundance, since it is also known to transmute any negative energy.

You can aid this cleansing of negative energy with a smoky quartz palm stone, a grounding and anchoring stone that “gently neutralizes” negative vibes, giving space for better vibes to come in! It is believed to bring emotional calm while dissipating any fear and nightmares.

If you need to cleanse your collection, Lucienne’s selenite sticks are a good addition – the self-cleansing stone is believed to “clear and amplify” other crystals’ energy while also purifying your space, removing any “energetic blockages” from your aura and chakras.

Lucienne also offers pretty reiki-infused crystal bracelets that you can wear on-the-go. It’s infused with “reiki” – or spiritual energy – by spiritual practitioner Auntie Astrology, so you’re getting even more power and healing, as believed. It comes in various pretty stones like orange moonstone, aquamarine, goldstone, and more; mine is the calming amazonite, a beautiful turquoise-blue bracelet believed to soothe nerves, worry, fear, and strong emotions, and can help manifest “universal love” through truth and communication.

Lucienne also has adorable nugget bracelets in pink opal, rose quartz, citrine, moss agate, green aventurine (prosperity), red tiger eye (passion), and sodalite (for anxiety).

There are way more crystals available from Lucienne – just check out her website!

Munting Ligaya

Munting Ligaya prides itself in providing “little joys for your home,” which are all handpicked – from ceramics to crystals and frames. They are based in Baguio City, but they also do nationwide shipping.

They have a Premium Crystal Confetti option, which is a curated assortment of crushed and crystal tumbles that is scooped from at random. You pay P250 for a medium scoop and P450 for a large cup, which is a random, fun, and exciting way to welcome home new and different crystals into your home. The collection usually includes clear quartz, rose quarts, blue lace agate, citrine, carnelian, sunstone, amethyst, labradorite, jasper, opalite, obsidian, howlite, and many more.

Munting Ligaya also offers towers, hearts, rough rocks, tumbles, and cubes, like the pretty rose quartz, which is popularly known to be the “self-love stone” close to the heart. The calming, reassuring stone helps with feelings of self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and acceptance, which in turn opens up your heart to better loving yourself and others, both romantically and platonically.

You can place your orders on Munting Ligaya’s Instagram page.

5D Healing Crystals

The iconic OG crystal shop in Makati Cinema Square can also cater to online orders, and makes it easier for customers to decide which crystals are fit for their current needs via the website’s crystal categories.

You can choose Crystals by Intention, such as Prosperity and Abundance; Serenity and Peace; Clarity and Focus; Motivation and Empowerment; Career Success; Harmony and Balance; Communication; Health and Wellness; and even Angel Connection, among others. Every authentic piece is cleansed and charged with healing frequencies.

5D Healing Crystals also sell wind chimes, bracelets, polished crystals, rings, pendants, towers, raw crystals, moldavites, earrings, massage wands, and even rosaries using crystals, as well as singing bowls and smudge sticks for deeper meditation.

If you need another protective stone for bad juju, the black obsidian is a good choice (and comes in bracelet, raw, and tumble). This powerful stone is believed to shield against negativity from others and the environment, and can draw out mental stress, tension, and emotional debris from the past.

You can check out the rest of 5D’s collection on its website. You can also just walk into the Makati City store and see which crystal instantly draws you in as soon as you enter – this is how they say a crystal chooses you.


“To grow, bloom, and spring. You have given enough, it’s time for you to start receiving now,” crystal shop Sibol says about the origin of its name and its personal mission – to offer keepsake and alive crystals for life, spirit, and well-being.

Sibol sells raw and tumbled crystals, as well as sage bundles and palo santo, for maximum cleansing, protection, and purifying of one’s space and energy. Aside from the basic crystals, they offer unique ones too, like the blue kyanite (high vibration stone), malachite (guardian stone), and black tourmaline (protection stone), in necklace, pendant, raw, tower, sphere, and cubed forms.

Among their rare curated pieces include the pyrite (luck), druzy vanadinite (focus), confetti sunstone (confidence), green apophyllite (soothing), and angel wing calcite (calm). 

You can place your orders via Sibol’s Shopee store.

My Crystal Friends

This Davao-based crystal shop is all about “sharing good vibes and crystals” with curated crystals by owner Patrisha.

The globally-sourced crystals are legit as they come – some of the most eye-catching pieces include the druzy sardonyx, freeform red hematite, green fluorite sphere, smokey citrine cluster, Madagascar rose quartz flame, and the beautiful sakura agate point, which is known to be a gentle, feminine stone that helps ignite passion and growth in business endeavors and helps nurture and manifest your dreams.

Patrisha also offers gorgeous selenite carvings perfect for around the house, heart-shaped sodalite and nephrite jade stones, and striking raw blue dragonite, among many others.

My Crystal Friends does nationwide shipping. You can order via Instagram. –

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