Budjette Tan’s crowdfunding campaign gets support from Neil Gaiman
Budjette Tan’s crowdfunding campaign gets support from Neil Gaiman
Budjette is raising funds to distribute his comic series 'Trese' globally

MANILA, Philippines – Budjette Tan got a show of support from fellow graphic novel writer Neil Gaiman, when Neil shared a link to Budjette’s ongoing crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign, currently running on Indiegogo, aims to generate funds for the international distribution of the popular comic series Trese.

Written by Budjette and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo, Trese follows the adventures of investigator Alexandra Trese, who is called in when crime scenes appear to have supernatural involvement. Throughout the series, Trese regularly deals with Filipino monsters and paranormal beings, including aswang, kapre, and tikbalang.

On Twitter, Neil linked to the Trese crowdfunding campaign and said: “I was asked here recently about the Myths of the Philippines. Here’s an indiegogo to support a comic from [Budjette] about an occult investigator battling Filipino monsters and gods.”

It isn’t the first time Neil has shown support for Filipino writers.

In August, Neil tweeted about his love for Filipino mythology, but said that local writers can write better about them.

“I really LOVE the myths and monsters of the Philippines,” he said in response to a fan. “But you also have many terrific writers there who can do a better job of telling those stories than I can.”

Neil has been to the Philippines several times.

He is the author of the hugely popular Sandman graphic novel series, as well as several bestselling fantasy books, including Stardust and Coraline, which have been turned into films, and American Gods, which has been turned into a series. –

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