Stanley Chi releases new book ‘Love is Landian with Effort’
Landi responsibly, kids

NEW BOOK. TV host and comedian Stanley Chi teaches you to earn the affection of your crush in 'Love is Landian with Effort.'

MANILA, Philippines–  TV host, comedian and author Stanley Chi recently launched a new book for those finding love – Love is Landian with Effort.

The book, according to Chi, is a “compilation of tried and tested and proven effective tips on how to successfully win a significant other.”

“The philosophy behind his book can be traced from the ancient Greeks who valued Landian more than an instinctive urge to procreate. It is also an art which we should practice, thus the word effort comes in handy,” reads its release to the media. 


Responsible landi is also among Chi’s main points in the book. 

Love is Landian Effort is Stanley’s latest book. His other titles include Suplado Tips 1 and 2, Chopsticks, and Pogi Tips among others. Love is Landian with Effort is available in National Bookstores. –