‘Hunter x Hunter’ creator joins Twitter, reveals manga’s comeback
‘Hunter x Hunter’ creator joins Twitter, reveals manga’s comeback
After a four-year hiatus, ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is making its grand comeback with four episodes

MANILA, Philippines – This is not a drill! Popular manga series Hunter x Hunter is returning, as announced by its creator Yoshihiro Togashi on his newly-created Twitter account on Tuesday, May 24.

According to Togashi’s first official tweet, the manga series will have “four more episodes for the time being,” along with a photo of what seems to be the corner of a manga sketch.

This left the fans in excitement after the four-year-long wait, but some doubted that the account was fake.

This was immediately punched out of question when One-Punch man artist Yusuke Murata quoted the tweet and confirmed that the account is legitimate, saying that it was “the man himself.”

Togashi’s Twitter account has already gained a million followers as of writing and has tweeted another manga sketch on Wednesday, May 25. There is no news yet on the release date of the episodes.

The manga has frequently gone on extended hiatus since 2006, with the last release being in 2018.

Hunter x Hunter is one of the anime classics which follows the story of Gon, a country boy who believes he is an orphan, only to discover that his father, Ging is still alive.

Gon learns that Ging has become a Hunter – an elite class that tracks down rare treasures, magical beasts, and special people. He then leaves his home to take the grueling Hunter Examination with the hopes of becoming a Hunter like his father.

Hunter x Hunter managed to get two separate anime adaptations – the first one ran from 1999 to 2001 with 62 episodes, while the second anime series ran from 2011 to 2014 for 148 episodes. – with reports from Rainielle Kyle Guison/ 

Rainielle Kyle Guison is a Rappler intern.

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