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8 fun facts about Megan Young

MANILA, Philippines - Megan Lynne Young, born on February 27, 1990, in Virginia, USA, earned for the Philippines its first Miss World crown on September 28 in Bali, Indonesia.

Even before the coronation, all eyes were already on the slender morena who has been a familiar face in the local entertainment scene since 2005.

The beauty-queen title only adds to the many roles the 23-year-old actress has played, but glitz and glamor aside, Megan Young is your everyday student, daughter, sister, and friend - who's not afraid to dress down, pig out, and enjoy life.

Here are some Megan Young tidbits away from the limelight:

1. She maintains a 25 inch waist line, but is a hardcore foodie

Aside from her killer smile, Megan's Instagram account features mouthwatering delicacies. The self-confessed foodie isn't shy in proclaiming her love for chocolates, cupcakes, macaroons, waffles, flan, ice cream, milk tea, pasta, pizza, and mac and cheese.

But Miss World 2013 can go from savoring the finest chocolate, to enjoying hot-off-the-grill street food. Her favorites: taho, fishballs, and dirty ice cream sandwiches.

2. Megan has a black cat named Salem

Melissa Joan Hart had her adorably sarcastic talking cat named Salem in comedy series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." A true blue '90s kid, Megan has her own.

3. Megan is a National Peace Ambassador

In September 2012, Megan Young was chosen by President Benigno Aquino III as a National Peace Ambassador for "I Am For Peace," a campaign which aims to "mobilize public support for peace through the involvement of various sectors and known personalities."

According to Cosmo, the actress was appointed along with other celebrities Anne Curtis, Gerald Anderson, Mikael Daez, and

4. The beauty queen is a die-hard gamer

In the coronation for Miss World Philippines held August 18, Megan surprised the crowd when she revealed her geeky gamer side and admitted to being a video-game buff.

Posts from her social media accounts, however, show that her love for games goes beyond the console. The 23-year-old often bonds with her family through playing jigsaw puzzles, Monopoly Deal, 30 seconds, and other old school board games.


5. Megan may be addicted to socks

Avid followers may notice Megan's fondness for posting pictures of her feet. From taking a casual dip in the pool, to doing her workout, to lazing around in fuzzy socks, her selfies often feature her feet.

Here's why:

"I think I have a sock addiction," reads one of Megan's many photos of her colorful socks. Her collection includes several Hello Kitty pairs.

6. Throwback

Before she became a "Starstruck" avenger, a "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate, and Miss World 2013, Megan was an adorable little girl.

In an interview with Candy magazine, she remembered being called ugly when she stepped out of the house without making an effort to dress up.

From this, she learned that being in the public eye entails a certain resposibility to look presentable as a role model, she said.

Here are our favorite #ThrowbackThursday posts from Megan:

Baby Megan with her brother Victor

Megan in 2nd grade

At 11-years-old

The 13-year-old beauty

More of Megan's childhood photos here: My sister, the beauty queen

7. How her mother met her father

A feature by "Rated K" reveals how Megan's mother Victoria was also teased for her appearance. But her mother, also a determined young woman, ignored these criticisms and soon enough, they ate their words when she caught the eye of Lieutenant Calvin Young, whom she was working for at the time.

8. To the curious gents out there... She is single

As with most celebrities, Megan's relationship status isn't left untouched. While rumors about her dating Mikael Daez are rife, Young clarified in several interviews that she is currently single and focused on her goals.

She is, however, known to have had a past relationship with former Ateneo Blue Eagles star Nico Salva.


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