Art and love: Artist Nikki Luna's home

MANILA, Philippines - Nikki Luna is an artist, feminist and advocate.

She takes a symbol of oppression and violence, adds a female element and turns it into art that everyone can appreciate.

She produces interactive art, installations that take you to that place of pain she visited, leave you a message, let you walk away a changed — and affected — person.

When we thought of starting a weekly section that features a person's #Space — home, office, studio, even hotel room — Nikki was the first person that came to mind. We wanted to see where her ideas come to her, where works of art start as inspirations.

Nikki and sportscaster Mikee Carrion happily welcomed Rappler into their home, introducing us to art shows past, travel memorabilia and their adorable chocolate labrador, Madrid.

Let's start our tour:

To go with tea-rrorist are these grenade salt and pepper shakers...


and these mugs with gun handles

The ref that makes you want to travel, order delivery and...

pay bills

Mirror we love at the foot of the stairs. It is also from a previous art show.

No TV in the living area. Instead, it's in the couple's bedroom.

Character, function, memories — we saw these in Nikki and Mikee's home. Their space is testament to the fact that one needn't have lots of it to make a home interesting and comfortable.

What is YOUR space like? Do you know of a home, condo unit or any space worth featuring? Tell us at Rappler. Email with subject heading #SPACE. 


Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup and grooming by Carmie Locsin.