Teen queens with a cause: Reissha Magadia and Vanessa Walters

Promoting education

As for their message to the youth, here’s what the two teen queens have to say.

“Like any person would say, I have my feet planted on the ground. I am a part of Mother Earth and we all are. Nothing else describes us humans to be the children of Mother Earth. I am contented with our environment and our nature and that describes me as person to be caring and loving to environment and our community,” Vanessa said.

“I plan to start by embodying my actions and values in my cause and the best way to start is the change you want to be because the best is to start with yourself. How can you tell people something if you yourself are not doing it?” Nikki said.

“My actions are important to our youth especially when it comes to helping Mother Earth. I will try my very best as a youth leader to really inspire and motivate our nation about doing the right things like ‘recycling, reusing and reducing.’ By showing my concerns and my awareness out to others, I am sure us young Filipinos will play our vital role to do the same to help the Philippines environmental issues, our community faces today,” Vanessa said.     

Nikki and Vanessa showed that despite being young, they have the confidence to promote their causes. They may have different titles, but one thing is sure—they are the teen queens who not only exemplify beauty but also a purpose to educate the youth on various issues. “People should keep on believing, keep on dreaming and keep seeking your potentials and at the same time education is the only machine productive that is not diminishing. Let’s keep the campaign for education,” Nikki said.   Rappler.com