[Letters from Mama] Worry not, your dream will be fulfilled

Abbygale Arenas-De Leon
[Letters from Mama] Worry not, your dream will be fulfilled
Abbygale Arenas-De Leon writes to her son Ijah, who flew home from the US to be with family during the pandemic

Mother’s Day, admittedly, is a manufactured “holiday.” What isn’t manufactured, however, is the affection we feel towards our mothers – whether they’ve been our mothers since birth, later in life, at work, or whenever. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to be cheesier than usual and make sure the mothers in our lives know that they are loved, they are appreciated, and that no matter what we say, we need them in our lives.

But this year’s Mother’s Day comes at an extraordinarily trying time – a pandemic forcing most of the world to seek shelter in their homes as essential workers struggle to contain the deadly novel coronavirus. So for Mother’s Day, we asked mothers from different walks of life to write a letter to their children as the world braves this pandemic.

Model, beauty queen, and personality development trainer Abbygale Arenas-De Leon writes a letter for son Ijah, . Abbygale mom to Ijah and Eli and wife to Jun de Leon.

Dear Ijah, 

I’m sorry. 

I’m so sorry that you’re 8,000 miles away from your dream right now. You’ve been dreaming to be in film school for as long as I can remember… and then this. We promise you that that dream will be fulfilled. It might take longer than expected, but it will happen. I know you’re struggling with online classes and yet grades are still looking good. The other day you were so disturbed by a not-so-high grade…but just looking at you, I’m already giving you a 100.

Numbers don’t bother me; just the fact that we’re all together and happy, that’s so much of a blessing already. I’d like to tell you that don’t be too hard on yourself, taking care of yourself is a priority. 

Thank you

Thank you for agreeing to come home last March. If you didn’t, me and daddy would not be in this happy disposition. In these uncertain times, my children have to be under my arms, says the protective mom. Thank you for being the big kuya to Eli.

When you were in isolation for 2 weeks, his first question every time he woke up was: “Can I touch my Kuya now?” Finally the day came and you made him the happiest 4-year-old boy in the world. He’s a handful, alright, but when I need to work you’d still play with him for hours. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for carrying the big bed to the living room every night. Daddy said we have to use one aircon only and truth be told, we like it that we’re all sleeping and camping together, with snacks and all. 

HAPPY FAMILY. Abbygale with husband, photographer Jun de Leon and their two boys Eli and ijah. Screenshot from Instavram/@abbygalearenas


Please, don’t forget the following realizations during this pandemic, which I also realized when I experienced Mount Pinatubo when I was a teenager. My own Mom made me see all these:

  1. Now is important, it makes the future. 
  2. Family comes first.
  3. Health is wealth.
  4. Home is the safest place to be.
  5. Mama’s cooking is the best!
  6. Every act of kindness counts.  
  7. Be strong, this too will pass. 

This Mother’s Day, I cannot ask for anything more, because I have both of you. 

I love you both, to the moon and back. 



– Rappler.com

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