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Dating someone with different political beliefs: Disaster or opportunity?

Alois Isinika
Dating someone with different political beliefs: Disaster or opportunity?
As Valentine's Day approaches, we asked whether political differences are a deal breaker in dating. Here's what they said.

Would you date someone with different political beliefs?

Rappler asked its readers and followers this question as Valentine’s Day neared.

As of posting, the poll has garnered over 3,000 no votes, and 325 yes votes. Here’s how netizens viewed dating in a politically polarized society.

Political beliefs are personal

Most of the responses implied the importance of political beliefs – that they should really be considered when looking for a person to date.

Is fact-checking a desirable trait? Yes, according to this Facebook user.

A few also spoke based on their personal experience.

Don’t give up on ‘us’

While a majority of netizens polled disagreed with dating something with opposite political beliefs, there were also those who considered this as an opportunity to change beliefs and behavior – for the better.

Another Facebook user offered a different perspective.

And there are those who consider dating a polar opposite in terms of political views as a welcome “challenge.”

Here’s what other netizens had to say in our pre-Valentine’s Day poll.

What do think about contrasting political views and romantic relationships? Leave them in the comments or replies! –

Alois Isinika

Alois Isinika is a digital communications specialist at Rappler. As a Sociology graduate, he thinks and talks a lot about the world we live in, that's why he frequently writes for Rappler Blogs or tweets his sentiments at @aloisinika.