Train your pet to behave purr-fectly with these smart Christmas gifts!

Ysa Abad
Train your pet to behave purr-fectly with these smart Christmas gifts!
‘Tis the season to treat your pets (more than you probably already do)

Finding the right Christmas gifts for your pets can be surprisingly difficult, especially when you admit that you’ve been spoiling them year-round anyway. 

But whether you have been a long-time pet parent or just adopted a furry friend recently, you know that teaching your pets some basic tricks and instilling good behavior in them never gets old.

So whether your felines and canines have been naughty or nice this year, these holiday gifts will serve as treats for your pets:

Squeaky and chewy toys

It’s no secret that our pets love to play with toys – even to the point that they mistake our socks, neckties, chargers, pillows, (the list goes on) as chew toys! 

And there’s really not much we can do about it other than to train them to only play with certain objects like their designated chew toys. 

Instilling this habit in them will help resolve some of the most common pet behavior problems, such as digging and destructive chewing, and prevent our pets from potential harmful things that they could mistakenly chew on. 

The Winpet accessories store provides a variety of toys, made of non-toxic and durable materials, that are perfect for both dogs and cats. 

They have a rubber leaking ball that can be a chew toy for your dogs. It’s specially designed so you can fill the inside with a few treats!

They also have a complete toy set for your cats – including fuzzy balls and fake mice! Pretty sure your cats won’t get bored while playing with this. 

Aside from the usual ball designs, pet toys are also now available in various sizes and shapes, which make them more fun for our furry friends!

These popcorn bucket toys from Sopo Pet PH could actually pass off as plushies, but they actually make silly little squeaking sounds which encourages continued play for pets. Or if you or your pet are not huge fans of popcorn, Sopo Pet PH also has other designs like bubble tea, chicken bucket, milk and cookies, and more. 

The Paw Lab PH also offers a wide variety of interactive toys for your pets. Their Chicken Laying Eggs Snuffle Toy, for example, has squeakers inside each egg and wings, and even secret pockets to hide more treats. Same goes with their Taco Snuffle Toy. 

Not only will these toys entertain your pets, but they’re also great for nose work, IQ training, and behavioral training.

Eizel’s Creations also offer several vegetable designs for their cushion pet toys, while their turtle snuffle toy has a squeaker inside.

Or if your pet is not fond of huge toys, a simple non-slip snuffle mat can work, too!’s mat is colorful and has so many flaps and folds to hide your treats in.


If your pet tends to overeat or is a fast eater, this feeder will help you train them to slow down. This feeder from Sopo Pets PH not only aids your pet’s dog eating habits but it’s aesthetically-pleasing design is also a bonus, too! 

Snuggly beds and playpens

Let’s face it – every pet loves to sleep! And more often than not, they’re usually hard to find because they doze off in bizarre places – under the sofa, the top of your shelf, or inside the shoe rack. 

So why not surprise your pet with a comfortable bed their lazy ass can spend the whole day in? 

These Donut Beds are filled with premium cotton, making sure that our pets will get the relaxing experience they all need. They’re available from small to extra large sizes and in various colors so there’s an option for each of your pets! 

If you want something fun and quirky, try the Banana Bed from The Paw Lab PH! 

Cute as they are, pets sometimes have no boundaries. They move freely around the house (and we still love how they make a mess while doing so), but sometimes, we need to focus on other things and can’t be bothered to constantly check if they haven’t slipped out of the door yet. 

The solution? A designated playpen. Placing these barriers are helpful if you need to keep your pets in a certain area for a certain situation or a specific time. Instead of locking them up in small and tight cages, your pets have enough space to roam around! 

Leash, collars

One of the most basic but difficult activities to teach your pet is proper walking decorum. 

In dogs, for example, it’s advised that pet owners should walk side by side with their dog, or lead their dogs during their walk, and not the other way around. That’s a hard skill to teach, especially if your dog is full of energy who just wants to run on their own. 

Choosing a comfortable and durable collar and leash set then is important. Collarbones MNL provides a variety of harness and leash sets that are adjustable for dogs of all sizes. They also come in different colors, and feature an adorable charm! 

And while cats don’t really need leashes and harnesses, you can still buy collars for them to wear! Pet Paracord Manila offers handmade and customized paracord pet collars and bracelets that will surely look good on our furry friends. 

Whatever gift you’re buying for your pet, always remember that at the end of the (holi)day, a gift for a pet is also a gift for its human, too! –