Valentine's Day 2021: More gift-giving, surge in dating app users – study

Valentine's Day this year is the first of its kind, with singles and couples around the world finding new ways to celebrate the "day of love" amid a pandemic. Asians are seeing a change in love languages and romantic behavior, as gift-giving is now the number one romantic gesture, and dating apps are aggressively on the rise.

The gifts that keep on giving

According to a study done by e-commerce aggregator iPrice, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines saw a 57% increase in searches on "romantic gifts" during the pandemic, with the top search being "care package" surging 238% in just a year.

Photo courtesy of iPrice

Following that is "scented candles," which had a 236% surge in search. Third was "lingerie," with an 82% increase in search volume. Of course, the usual roses, flowers, chocolates, and bouquets still ranked on search, increasing by 123%, 83%, 50%, and 49%, respectively.

Single and ready to mingle

As for those still looking for a quaran-fling, virtual is the way to go, and the Philippines knows what's up. It ranks #3 in Asia, following Malaysia, when it comes to the highest increase in searching for the top 5 dating apps on the App Store (up by 38%), with Bumble and Hinge recording an increase in messages and online date requests.

Photo courtesy of iPrice

Taiwan is at the top spot, with a 194% surge in dating app downloads. In 4th spot, following the Philippines, is Vietnam, recording a 36% surge. – Steph Arnaldo/