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[WATCH] Spilling the Tea, Episode 1: Love and sex during lockdown

[WATCH] Spilling the Tea, Episode 1: Love and sex during lockdown
Do love and sex lives have to be on lockdown during this pandemic? Stay tuned as we spill the tea on how relationships are panning out as quarantine continues.

Lockdown na lang ng lockdown. Love life, sex life, naka-lockdown din?

(Lockdowns continue to stretch on. Are love and sex lives on lockdown too?)

Here’s the tea: When it comes to sex and relationships, we decide whether, when, and with whom to have sex with and to fall in love. And the pandemic isn’t stopping that – or will it?

SheDecides Philippines, a movement promoting the fundamental rights of adolescent girls and women, joined forces with Rappler to get a sip on what’s brewing this lockdown through webinar series “Spilling the Tea.”

For our first episode, our guests are spilling the realness on how sex, romance and relationships with your partner, partners or even by yourself are panning out during this pandemic.

Spilling the Tea: Keeping it hot and real on love, sex during lockdown is hosted by Ana P. Santos, Rappler’s sex and gender columnist and founder of Sex and; and Hershey Neri, a TV host, content creator, and an advocate for women and gender rights. 

These are the guests for Spilling the Tea’s first episode in the series:

  • Dr Rica Cruz – Sex and Relationships Therapist, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Aldrin Aquino and Keirwyn Ramirez – exclusively dating couple who met through the Bumble dating app during quarantine
  • Tina Boado and Roanne Carreon – cohabiting couple
  • Mela de Jesus – single since quarantine
  • Ivie Sangil – single since quarantine
  • Joel and Marla Darwin – young married couple quarantined together with a young child

Catch the webinar here and on Rappler’s social media accounts on Thursday, September 10 at 8 pm. SheDecides Philippines has also made a quick recap of what transpired during the discussion here.

We’re keeping it hot and real because SheDecides with her body, life and future, with or without the pandemic! Follow SheDecides through their social media accounts at, twitter and IG @shedecidesph. –