[WATCH] Spilling the Tea, Episode 5: Online violence against women

[WATCH] Spilling the Tea, Episode 5: Online violence against women
The internet can be a dangerous place for women and girls. Catch the premiere of this episode on November 5 as we spill the tea on how to make our online spaces safer for all.

The internet can be a dangerous place for women.

In a global research by Plan International launched October this year, the findings showed that over half of girls and young women have experienced online harassment on social media. With communities under quarantine due to COVID-19, girls and young women can be especially vulnerable to online harassment as they spend more time online for their classes. 

Online harassment is just one part of the problem. Due to coronavirus quarantine measures, people facing gender-based violence in real life may be locked in with their abusers or find it even more difficult to report incidents.

Tackling issues affecting women and the LGBTQ+ community, Rappler has partnered with SheDecides Philippines, a movement promoting the fundamental rights of adolescent girls and women, and SexAndSensibilities.com through webinar series “Spilling the Tea.”

The fifth episode of the series tackles online violence against women and children, and its impact on how we live, how we work, and how we love later on. We also discuss what can be done to make social media platforms and our homes safer for all.

This episode is hosted by Ana P. Santos, Rappler’s sex and gender columnist and founder of SexAndSensibilties.com; and Hershey Neri, a TV host, content creator, and an advocate for women and gender rights.

These are the guests for Spilling the Tea’s fifth episode:

  • Shebana Alqaseer – Co-founder of Young Feminists Collective
  • Gian Lao – Poet and essayist
  • Kat Alano – Actress and activist

The premiere of this episode will be on Thursday, November 5.

“Spilling the Tea” is brought to you by SheDecides Philippines. Join the movement and sign the manifesto here. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also join their Facebook community and share your insights with the hashtag #SheDecidesNOW on social media.

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