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[WATCH] Spilling the Tea, Episode 3: My abortion story

[WATCH] Spilling the Tea, Episode 3: My abortion story
Why is it important to envision a future where safe abortion is decriminalized in the Philippines? Catch the premiere of this episode on Thursday, October 8, at 8 pm.

What happens when women are faced with an unintended pregnancy but abortion is unsafe, restricted, and stigmatized?

The Philippines has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, penalizing persons seeking access to abortion services and those who assist them with imprisonment. This has forced women to resort to unsafe methods to end their unintended pregnancies.

During the pandemic, the Philippines may see higher rates of unintended pregnancies due to incidences of rape, intimate partner violence, and sexual exploitation, as well as lack of access to contraceptives. 

Rappler has partnered with SheDecides Philippines, a movement promoting the fundamental rights of adolescent girls and women, and through webinar series “Spilling the Tea.”

For our third episode,  we talk about the hard realities that come with choosing to undergo abortions in the Philippines. Titled “My Abortion Story,” the episode is hosted by Ana P. Santos, Rappler’s sex and gender columnist and founder of; and Kristine Chan, a member of both the Filipino Freethinkers and the Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network.

With the help of our guests, we try to unpack the stigma around abortion, and discuss a future where safe abortion is legal and decriminalized in the Philippines.

Here are our guests for “Spilling the Tea: My Abortion Story”:

  • Atty Claire Padilla – Founder and Executive Director of EnGendeRights Incorporated
  • Shiphrah Belonguel – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Advocacy Officer of Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights
  • Atty Jihan Jacob – Senior Legal Advisor of Center for Reproductive Rights

Catch the premiere of this episode on Thursday, October 8, at 8 pm.

“Spilling the Tea” is brought to you by SheDecides Philippines. Join the movement and sign the manifesto here. Follow their social media accounts on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You may also join their Facebook community.

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