Spooky school stories: La Salle edition

MANILA, Philippines - The De La Salle campus along Taft Avenue comes with a lot of baggage, being one of the areas ravaged by the Japanese during the second World War. So, while it may not have the extensive, woodsy campuses usually known for chilling ghost stories, La Salle definitely has a good share of serious scares. 


1. MBS Chapel/Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament

The DLSU Main Building is rife with horrifying ghost stories, as a lot of soldiers died bloody deaths in the area during World War II. The chapel in this building, moreover, was used as a refuge by many La Sallian brothers and several civilian families, almost all of whom were massacred there by Japanese soldiers.

In the present day, some students have reported strange goings-on in this chapel. In one story, as told by Paolo Gamboa on the blog The Feed, an Accounting student visited the chapel to pray in anticipation of a big exam. Settled into one of the pews, she suddenly heard frantic footsteps heading towards her, only to suddenly fall silent. She felt a pair of hands on her face, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a man in a torn and bloodied soldier's uniform, a bayonet through his chest, gurgling for help through the blood pooling in his mouth. 

2. Enrique Razon Sports Center

The Harlequin Theater Guild's blog features a few chilling tales, with the following being one of the creepiest. A female varsity volleyball player ended up being the last person still in the showers after practice. Suddenly, the lights were switched off. She figured the maintenance personnel just didn't know she was there, so she dressed up and followed the glowing EXIT sign to the elevator bay. When she got on the elevator, the car kept stopping on every floor, opening, and revealing an empty hallway. This kept going from the 8th to the 3rd floor. When she got to the 2nd floor, however, the door opened again to an empty hallway, but the "overload" alarm suddenly started buzzing, indicating that the car was full. 

3. Bro. Gabriel Connon Hall/SPS Building

One netizen on the Pinoy Exchange forums recounted his own eerie experience. It was late at night, and he was alone on the 3rd floor of the Bro. Gabriel Connon Hall. Suddenly, a freezing burst of air swept through from the left, and when he turned to see what caused it, he found a teenage girl staring at him from the shadows. Creeped out, he left the room and went down the stairs. As he did, the air just grew colder and colder.

Later on, he found out that several people had actually died in a horrible elevator accident in the same building in the 1980s. They were apparently freshmen being toured around during their orientation. - Rappler.com

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