Spooky school stories: UP Diliman edition

MANILA, Philippines – Established in 1949, the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines is replete with urban legends and ghost stories. The 493-hectare property with its old buildings and dark, uninhabited areas provide the perfect setting for spooky stories passed on from one generation of Iskos to another.

Check out some of the university's stories below:


1. Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater
The theater, located on the second floor of Palma Hall, is known for its resident ghost named "Marisa" (although this name changes every time the story is told).

Some say that she was a famous star of the university's theater productions, but she was eventually overshadowed by younger, more talented newcomers. Overwhelmed by grief and jealousy, she killed herself in the most dramatic way possible – by hanging herself (in costume!) onstage.

She's said to be still haunting the stage and her old dressing room. She's known for making her presence felt by joining the chorus during performances, and if you're lucky, she might even show up onstage.

2. Benitez Hall
Home to the College of Education, Benitez Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus and, naturally, has gained the reputation as one of the most haunted.

One story goes that an artist who did a portrait of a departed dean mixed the dead's ashes into the paint. Every night, the dean comes down from the painting and roams the halls, even attending and observing the practice lectures of would-be teachers.

Another story has it that two instructors were caught in a heavy downpour at night and asked the college's caretaker to allow them to stay until the rain let up. They stayed in a room, where they heard a knock on the door. Scared of what might be on the other side, one of them checked the peephole first before opening – he just saw the color red.

When the caretaker came to check on them, he told them of a ghost that wanders the halls with blood red eyes.

3. Kalayaan Hall
Kalayaan Hall is a residence hall exclusively for freshmen, so what better way to welcome a new Isko than with a haunting or two?

In one story, a freshman was on her way to her PE class when she was raped and killed in a grassy area near the Department of the Military Science and Tactics. Her body was found a day later.

What was creepy was that the Kalayaan resident assistant saw her walking to her room and reprimanded her for trailing water in the hallway. The RA called her attention but she kept walking. Frustrated, the RA followed her to her room and upon opening the door, found no one there.

Another story has it that a woman supposedly shows up in the mirror facing the stairs to the second floor of the girls' wing. Some have been advised to refrain from glancing in the mirror because they just might find another face staring back.

4. The College of Music
During the day, the College of Music is filled with the sounds of students rehearsing pieces, vocalizing, and tuning their instruments. Who knew some loved to practice well into the afterlife as well?

Like any college on campus, the College of Music has a set curfew when students are no longer allowed to stay. Security guards roam the college to check the grounds and see if there are still students in the building. Some hear someone vocalizing, or playing the piano or the gamelan. They check the rooms to reprimand the students but find no one there.

If you find yourself passing by the college late at night, you might want to pause and listen. Who knows? You just might be lucky enough to hear a song or two.

5. Ikot Jeepney
Dormitories impose curfews on residents for safety's sake, but after this story they might not need to try too hard to convince residents to be home before curfew.

A girl was on her way to her dorm one night and found herself alone in the Ikot jeep. She was nearing her dorm and asked the driver to stop so she could walk but he kept driving and refused to look at her in the rearview mirror. The driver took a different route and dropped her off directly in front of her dorm. Frazzled, she hurriedly left the jeep. The driver called after her and told her to burn her clothes when she gets home. Why?

"Kanina pagtingin ko sa salamin wala kang ulo." (When I saw you in the rearview mirror earlier, you were headless.) – Rappler.com 

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