IN PHOTOS: Wanderland 2013

Check out the colorful crowd of Wanderland 2013

HIPPIE OR HIPSTER? The Wanderland crowd is a colorful one. Photos by Pia Ranada and Ira Agting

MANILA, Philippines – For the residents of Wanderland 2013, the world is a place fueled by good music, beautiful art, and great company. 

Missed your trip to Wanderland? Rappler gathered interesting sights from the festivities.

See photos of the performances here: Wanderland 2013: A musical high

SURREAL LANDSCAPES. The gigantic Circuit grounds had more than enough room for people and props

NYMPH LOOK. Floral headwear was a popular fashion statement for female citizens of Wanderland 2013

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE. Artists create installation art on the grounds of Wanderland

KIDS AT HEART. Citizens of Wanderland have inflatable installations as their playground

MAT MANIA. Mats were a must for residents of Wanderland

WANDERLAND ART. An ode to Wanderland beauties painted by Thursday Room

WANDERLAND ART. Oriental art made by Anjo Bolarda

If anything is to be said of the residents of wanderland, it’s that individuality is a common trait.

Here are some who weren’t afraid to stand out:

CRAYOLA GIRL. Kad de Guzman fashioned this crayon headband in less than an hour the night before the concert

FLORAL PRINCESS. JC Alipon's colorful dress is an attention grabber

LOVE BOOTS. Kimmy's rainbow boots make any rainy day bright

TOUGH GUYS WEAR PINK. Wanderland's male citizens like Carlo Rosales aren't afraid of wearing bright outfits either

NEON GLOW. Myx Sebastian and several other Wanderland residents join the neon revolution

FLORAL CHILD. Like Christine Balacang's ensemble, dainty pastels and floral lace are a Wanderland favorite

SUMMER SUN. Male Wanderlanders like Enzo stayed cool and hip in sleeveless tops and shorts

MISS SUNSHINE. Like Ezra, the crowd made use of shades to add oomph to their outfits and at the same time, shield them from the hot summer sun

FEATHER PRINCE. Many residents like Jesse Jalandoni donned crowns of flowers and feathers

BLING. Ruthur Perez shines in gold and black

PARTNERS IN CRIME. Paul McWilkins and Rafael Talmingox bond over their matching outfits

COOL BLUE. Carlo Mendoza's blue hair is a looker


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