[Fashion] #PHFashionWeek day 3

Avon, Menswear and the Premiere B Collection wowed the fashion crowd on PFW day 3

MANILA, Philippines – PFW Holiday 2012’s day 3 saw the comeback of Avon to the fashion scene, in a sexy lingerie show that was classy all-throughout. Fashionable undergarments, lingerie, bags and accessories were combined for a show that can rival Victoria’s Secret (without the theatrics).

The last show of the night, Luxe Wear, showcased architectural fashion in design, shape and silhouette from Albert Andrada, Bandoix Flores, Butz Fuentes, Ezra Santos and Kermit Tesoro.

Directed by Ariel Lozada, the show also saw supermodels Marina Benipayo, JoAnn Bitagcol and Ria Bolivar on the catwalk. Santos’ segment was the most applauded; Tesoro’s was the most controversial, after Panty Monster Xtina Superstar (among several other models) was apparently prohibited from walking. A model also fell twice while attempting to traverse the U-shaped runway in Tesoro’s trademark “killer” shoes.

Filipino Menswear received a rehash from some of today’s talented young designers. Glitter, colour and texture challenged the notion that men’s fashion should only be sleek and polished in order to be fashionable and wearable. The show opened doors for men who like to push fashion to the edge.

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