3 anti-aging brands to work into your skincare routine

MANILA, Philippines – With the myriad anti-aging skincare products in the market these days touting miracle ingredients to solutions for fine lines and other skin aging issues, it’s hard to decide which to use or if you need them at all.

As a rule-of-thumb, people with drier skin can hop on the anti-aging train a little earlier. According to skincare expert Renee Rouleau, in an article on InStyle, it’s because these products are meant to treat problems more common to dry skin: “If your skin is very dry, you need intensive, lipid-rich oils, but normal, combination, acne-prone, and oily skin types do not need this,” she said. “The result can be clogged pores, breakouts, and an increase in blackheads."

Take a close look at a product’s ingredients too – antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and green tea can minimize damage from pollution and sun exposure. According to Rouleau, skincare with antioxidants can be used by people as young as 21. Over on Refinery29, celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas and dermatologist Marko Lens agreed that 25 is a good age to start working anti-aging products into your regimen.

If you’re in the market for products that will reduce fine lines and keep you looking fresh, here are 3 brands that will help you get it right.


Moisturizing Serum

This serum’s secret ingredient is hyaluronic acid – great for brightening and moisturizing the complexion. This one’s great for anyone who wants begin an anti-aging regimen.

Photo courtesy of Dr CRB

Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Take a walk on the wild side with this serum, which uses synthetic snake venom to relax facial muscles and plump up the skin. Use this sparingly – you’ll only need a bit to get visible results.

Photo courtesy of Dr CRB


Youth Booster

Another good entry-level anti-aging product, this serum prevents signs of aging with UV protection and hydrating properties that restores and binds moisture to the skin. Use it under makeup or sunblock before heading off to work.

Photo courtesy of Dr CRB



Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

The skin under your eyes is thin, so it’s the most susceptible to wrinkles. Fight those fine lines early with an eye cream or serum. Murad’s line of nighttime anti-aging skincare boosts cell turnover and includes ingredients like retinol and swertia flower extract (an ingredient from the Himalayas that helps with skin regeneration).

Photo courtesy of Murad

Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream

For the rest of your face, Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream is luxurious, thick, and rich in peptides – perfect for overnight repairing.

Photo courtesy of Murad

Clarins Double Serum

A skincare classic, Clarins recently reformulated their two-in-one serum, combining the best oil-soluble and water-soluble ingredients for your skin to fight the signs of aging.

Photo courtesy of Rustan's

Despite all the products available, we still recommend taking care of your skin early on to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. That is, remove your makeup everyday, use sunscreen and moisturizer, drink a lot of water, quit smoking, and drink less alcohol.

What’s your best anti-aging skincare tip? Let us know in the comments! – Rappler.com