IN PHOTOS: These Louboutin bags were inspired by Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Christian Louboutin has released a new “Treasure Tote” inspired by our very own Manila!

According to a release, Christian was stuck in Manila traffic on his travels to the Philippines and was struck by our shiny, colorful jeepneys: “While finding their way through the dense traffic of Manila, they celebrate life with a joyful style Christian immediately related to.”

Thus, the “Manilacaba” was born! The bag, which features a jeepney design on its front and in the lining, comes in two limited edition versions: denim blue and black satin.

Sequins adorn the Manilacabas’ front panel, while the sides were made by the women artisans from the GREAT (Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of Women) Women in ASEAN initiative, a platform that supports the economic empowerment of Asian women artisans.

“I have always been captivated by the Philippines’ beauty: the perfect combination of sparkles, mother-of-pearl, and shells. But this project really started to make sense to me when I discovered the richness and the quality of craftsmanship the GREAT Women in ASEAN artisans were able to develop,” said Christian in a release.

"Designing the side-panels with Christian was a rich experience. The pattern Christian elaborated for them was new for the artisans who were used to weaving traditional motifs with this technique. But when we saw the encounter of tradition and creativity happen on the fabric, we thought: how interesting, we should have done this before! This is an inspiring story of mutual respect,” said Jeannie Javelosa, co-founder of the GREAT Women in ASEAN initiative.

Ten percent of the profit from the sale of each Manilacaba will benefit the initiative.

The Manilacaba is available on the Christian Louboutin website for $1,590. 

Aside from the Manilacaba, Christian also created a limited edition “Piloutin” clutch, inspired by the Philippines’ oceans. The bag features Swarovski crystals and pearlescent shells. You can also get an “Artemistrap” to go with your Piloutin. Only 10 Piloutin bags and 10 Artemistraps are available worldwide.