Following ‘boycott’ call, Colourette Cosmetics raises P1.6M for Ulysses relief

Local makeup brand Colourette Cosmetics has raised over P1.6 million for those affected by Typhoon Ulysses in the days after its CEO, Nina Ellaine Dizon, was criticized on social media over posts critical of the government. 

Dizon’s posts, several demanding national government accountability for the inadequate typhoon preparations, prompted some online users to call for a boycott of her brand. In response, Dizon pledged that 100% of sales from over 5,800 units of their hero product, Colourtints, would be donated to victims of the typhoon. She even used the hashtag #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetic to announce their fundraising drive. 

Dizon, like thousands of Filipinos, took to social media as Typhoon Ulysses triggered massive flooding around parts of Luzon, which left many families stranded on their roofs.

According to Dizon, 100% of the gross sales would be donated to typhoon victims, meaning Colourette would be shouldering the costs related to the production and sale of the tints. 

As of late Monday, November 16, nearly all of the 5,000 products were sold, based on an inventory sheet which Dizon had been updating and sharing on social media. 

On Monday, November 16, Dizon also announced a second round of fundraising, this time involving her brand’s merch. Like the previous drive, 100% of sales, according to Dizon, will go to Typhoon Ulysses relief operations.

Dizon has yet to update her followers on how the money would be spent, but said her team was still organizing their relief drive.

Colourette and Dizon first grabbed social media attention last week, as Typhoon Ulysses wreaked havoc over several provinces in Luzon. As water levels rose and thousands were displaced, social media users began criticizing the national government, for what they saw was inadequate preparation and response to Typhoon Ulysses, which made landfall even as provinces and towns in some areas were still reeling from the effects of Super Typhoon Rolly just a few weeks back.

Water levels in Marikina even rose beyond those recorded during the onslaught of Tropical Storm Ondoy, which caused catastrophic flooding in the Metro Manila city.  

Following Dizon’s tweets, online users – particularly those who were defending the government's disaster response – attacked her online and called for a boycott of Colourette Cosmetics.

One online user uploaded a makeup-free photo of Dizon to make fun of her, prompting the makeup brand’s founder to use that same photo as her profile picture on Twitter instead. 

In a post on Tiktok to update her followers on the sales of the Colourtints, Dizon noted that how, with their help, they'd managed to turn "lemons into a lemonade stand."

Colourette, founded in 2015, is a Filipino beauty company that specializes in multi-use color products for the face. –  

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