Disney x ColourPop is making the internet freak out – we can't blame them

MANILA, Philippines – In the beauty world, it's pretty easy to break the internet – there are highly-awaited collabs between top brands and top influencers, gimmicks that fade away as fast as they rose, a mind-shattering new line from a pop culture icon (heyyy, Rihanna), and then there's the genius mix of nostalgia and affordable makeup. 

The latest collection of US-based makeup brand ColourPop falls squarely into the last category and the internet is promptly feaking out. And we can't blame them. The popular e-commerce brand's latest line is called the Disney Designer Collection – think Disney Princess goes glam. 

DISNEY PRINCESS GOES GLAM. This new palette will make any makeup junkie happy. Image from Colourpop

DISNEY PRINCESS GOES GLAM. This new palette will make any makeup junkie happy.

Image from Colourpop

Image from Colourpop

The complete line includes an 18-pan pressed shadow pallette, 6 Lux Lipsticks (ColourPop's newest formula for lipstick), 6 Super Shock Shadows, and 3 Ultra Glossy Lips.  

Image from Colourpop

Colourpop is a fairly new cosmetics brand that's been making waves in the US and the rest of the world. Its makeup is relatively cheap and the pigment packs a punch. 

Unfortunately, ColourPop isn't officially available in the Philippines yet, although they do ship worldwide, so long as your order totals more than US$50 (around P2,700). The entire Disney collection goes for US$110 to US$120 (with the PR box) so if you're planning to order direct from Colourpop, that's well within the U$50 minimum. 

Another catch? Shipping to the Philippines takes time – between 4-6 weeks, including the time it takes to get past Philippine Customs. You'll also typically have to pick it up at the nearest post office. There's also a minimal fee at the post office. 

But speaking from personal experience – and if you, like many of us, are willing to wait for pigment that doesn't really break the bank. Going by previous releases, their pressed shadows are pigmented, have some fallout, but blend in like a dream. The pressed foil shadows, in particular, are a dream to use, especially with a damp or wet brush. 

Anxious at the thought of order yourself? There's always your trusty reseller – although expect prices to be much higher, naturally. 

The collaboration will drop on the ColourPop and Disney sites, as well as Disney stores in the US by September 28. If you're dying to get a hold of the collaboration, you better act quick – popular ColourPop lines run out fast. – Rappler.com