LIST: Where to buy gifts online for your pets (or pet parent friends)

If you're a pet parent, you probably already spoil your pet all year round, but during the holidays you at leasty have an actual excuse to splurge. After all, if anyone deserves a merry Christmas, it's our pets — for no other reason than that they bring so much joy (and stress, and mess) into our lives.

This gifting season, whether you're shopping for your own pet, or a friend who cares for one, here are a few places you can check out:

Akkula PH

When you have pets in the house, accidents of the pee and poo kind are bound to happen, so having a reliable cleaner around is a must. Akkula's Pee Wee spray is specially formulated for pet potty accidents (even reptilian pets!) — it has a nice tropical fruity scent and is non toxic so you don't have to worry about poisoning your pets while cleaning up their mess, and it's enzymatic, which means it really breaks down bacteria and removes all traces of the pee/poo scent to prevent from them going in the same spot. It comes in a refillable glass bottle to minimize waste, too.

Apart from the spray, the brand also has a paw balm that can help protect your dog's paws, nose, and elbows when they go on walks.

Barkist and Co

Snuffle mat by Barkist & Co

Photo by Amanda Lago/Rappler

Interactive toys are a gift not only to the dogs who will spend hours (okay fine maybe half an hour) figuring it out, but to the pawrents who suddenly have a little bit of free time to relax knowing their dog is preoccupied with a toy and not the furniture.

Barkist offers several "bondles" that include handmade dog toys, including dolls and snuffle mats that you can hide treats in for your pet to sniff out and work to extract.

Alpas pets

You can never give your pet too many toys, which can help enrich their alone time, as well as your playtime with them. And toys don't always have to be expensive or fancy.

Alpas pets has abaca balls and rope chews made for both cats and dogs — perfect for chewing on endlessly or playing a game of tug!

Winnie and Soleil

If you're going to take a million photos of your pet and put it on the gram, might as well mix it up and get them a bunch of accessories to wear too. Winnie and Soleil has bandanas made especially for dogs (but could probably fit cats too) in different prints to get your pet looking extra cute in the holiday photos.

The brand also has homemade dog treats how else will you get your pup to sit still for all the snaps you'll be taking of them in their new gear?

Goof Tags

Handmade dog tags by Goof Tags PH

Photo by Amanda Lago

A pet tag — her name on the front, your contact details on the back — is like the ultimate seal of pet parenthood, so might as well make it special.

Goof Tags' pet tags are custom-made, hand-printed, and come in a variety of quirky designs that you can mix and match so you know your pet's name tag is as unique as she is.

Pet Art by Roxy

If you're a particularly extra pet parent (or know someone who is), there may be no gift more special and cherished than your pet turned into a work of art.

Artist Roxy's books are only open from January 2021 onwards so this present might not make it in time for the holidays – but it'll be worth the wait once you see your pet's museum-worthy portrait. –

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