Makeup trend: The undone, imperfect look

1. Off color 

Sludgy pink. Dirty brown. Dull ochre. Though these colors may not sound so appealing, this anti-pretty makeup celebrates the 'undone' face, and demonstrates that color does not necessarily have to complement each other in order to be beautiful.

The thinking behind this palette aims to prove that while these dusty tones are unmatched, they remain seamless with the uneven tones already present in the skin. To try out this look, take an unconventional neutral eyeshadow shade and pat it across your eyelid, blending out the corners for a messy, smoky look. 

Here, the goal is to add mood – not just makeup – to the face. Neutral hues can, however, present the problem of looking washed-out, especially when it comes to finding the perfect nude lipstick. To counteract this dullness, MAC Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan suggests searching for a warm-toned nude product with orange or red undertones. (READ: 5 tips to pull off nude lipstick

On Reflection

Reinforcing this season's textured look is lots of metallic glitter- on the eyes, cheekbones, and cupid's bow, allowing you to shape your face as you please.

From neutral burnished coppers to glossy pewters, reflective makeup not only adds a literal shine to your face, but can also project and enhance certain features. Applying glitter to the your cheekbones, for example, can give the illusion of higher cheekbones.  

Such makeup is usually reserved for a fashion statement or for a night out, however if your wild side wants to shimmer and shine 24/7, you can "add a touch of glitter to the inner v of your eyes, or a slight dab in the middle of your eyelid" for everyday wear, says Callahan.

Again, skip the mascara- adding more and more makeup will only take the look up a notch, straying from the ideal of everyday wear. 


As the title of the trend suggests, Unprocessed is all about reveling in your own skin. It differentiates from the "natural" makeup look that wants to be flirtatiously pretty and artificially adds contours – rather, it's better dubbed "real."

In a demonstration to the press, Callahan skipped a multitude of products (such as eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush and bronzer), instead opting for a single product: highlighter.

Applying the product sparingly on the model's cheekbones and nose bridge to bring out the model's features, she emphasizes the idea of paring down your makeup products – a woman's face is beautiful in its natural state, she reiterates.  

Achieving this look is all about the minimum, precise selection of makeup products. Select one or two features you'd like to enhance, and pick your tools from there: to bring out your eyes, choose a nude eyeliner to give the illusion of wider eyes.

For sculpted brows, skip the filling powder and simply slick them back with a clear brow gel. This time, it's not about changing your colors or adding shadows – it's about using what you've already got and making it work for you. (READ: 5 makeup tips to give your everyday makeup look a boost)




If the other three looks work well for day-to-day life, this one is a little more adventurous.  

Architectural, lean liner has been an omnipresent look on catwalks from the likes of Zac Posen, Missoni, and Kenzo, and for good reason– they add a sophisticated edge to the face, and a strength that sits somewhere in between glamour and grunge.


Thankfully, you won't have to deal with the complexities of evenly winged eyeliner here- the trend puts a focus on straight, horizontal lines.  


Take an adventurous leap and opt for eyeliner in a bright color, such as the electric blue in the face chart above. Be careful not to overdo it; Callahan recommends that you skip the mascara and let the eyeliner do the talking. 


Don't let the 'Autumn' and 'Winter' labels on these trends hold you back- who says you can't rock glitter or muddy browns in the summer?

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