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Mine, steal, grab: 4 very quirky online ukay-ukays

Mine, steal, grab: 4 very quirky online ukay-ukays
Instead of having to weave your way through rows of hangers, these online ukays offer a more curated, fashion-forward experience!

If you miss going to the ukay-ukays and in your area to find unique, cheap pieces for your wardrobe, you’d be glad to know that a growing thrifting community can be found on Instagram! And instead of having to weave your way through rows of hangers or dig through one giant cardboard box after another, these online ukays offer a more curated experience, featuring choice picks and even pre-styled top-and-bottom combos.

The caveat: getting your item of choice is a speed game. Once these IG shops start uploading their drops for the week, pieces can be snapped up in literal seconds – so it’s key to tick the notification bells of your favorite shops so you can be first in line for their goodies.

Moreover, most shops operate on a “mine, steal, grab” system. Be the first to comment “mine” on the photo of an item, and you get first dibs. However, if someone decides to comment “steal,” then they overrule you and get dibs – but for a slightly higher price. Commenting “grab” overrules both “mine” and “steal” for the highest price – so if you see something you want really badly and don’t want competition for it, then “grabbing” may be the way to go.

Some items are also up for bidding. Even if someone has already “grabbed” something, shop owners could also open the item for bids higher than the “grab” price, in which case, it’s time to have an honest conversation with your bank account.

Given that shopping at online ukays can be quite the effort, it would be best to focus on a few key shops that offer truly extraordinary and quality pieces.

Here are four that we think are curated very well:


With pieces costing P1,000 to P2,000, Sweet Repeatt is one of the pricier shops on IG – but for good reason. It offers voluminous, Japanese street style-type pieces that will make you look way cooler than everyone else.

As its name suggests, Irie Hippie is for every self-respecting boho babe. They’ve got tons of tribal prints and bold colors, ensuring that you have a summer beach trip wardrobe no matter the time of year.


If you’re a fashion exhibitionist, with a penchant for crazy, show-stopping outfits, then Gray of Thrifted by Gray is your fairy godmother. With her eye for items that are out of the ordinary, her picks are sure to make you stand out in a beautiful and bonkers way.


Finally, if you want something a little more classic – but with a twist – Second Impressionista is sure to have something for you. Here you can find more traditional feminine silhouettes, but in prints and colors that show you’ve still got funky taste.

Do any of these shops wet your sartorial appetite? Then get your measurements down pat and start mining, stealing, and grabbing, tout suite! –

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