Nikki Luna's empowering statement shirts from Human

MANILA, Philippines – For artist Nikki Luna, art is not a fragile masterpiece handled with utmost care. "You can step, play, lie down on my art," Luna says. And with her recent collaboration with clothing brand Human, one could wear Luna's art.

But the words on the shirts are not just cool statements emblazoned across one's chest. These 4 designs represent issues that plague women, that Luna, a feminist, believes must be addressed. 

Break free from gender roles


Pictured above is Luna's husband, football analyst and commentator Mikee Carrion. "He walks the talk," Luna beams. Carrion, also a proud feminist, has no qualms doing chores and tasks traditionally assigned to women. He changes their daughter's diapers and is very hands-on in child-rearing – and does so willingly.

Not anyone's property

"In this shirt, there is a ring, a house, and a doll," Luna says. The unfortunate reality, she adds, is that in this society, a woman is a prize to be won, a thing to be owned. A woman should be able to break free, rather than submit, to being "owned."

Unlearn patriarchy


Luna says patriarchial society is fundamentally problematic, where men lead and women submit. "Feminism celebrates equality," Luna says. The core of feminism is respect.

Women are not second class citizens


The impact of a man wearing this shirt makes the message more powerful, Luna says. Despite today's working woman's perceived empowerment, the endemic culture of male dominance still puts household chores and child-rearing as tasks default for women.

The Human x Nikki Luna Collection is available at all Human branches for P439.75. Part of the proceeds will go to the Talikala Foundation, a Davao-based group protecting young women against sexual exploitation and human trafficking. –

Marga Deona

As Rappler’s senior producer, Marga manages the live broadcasts and distribution platforms of Rappler’s videos. She also writes about the intersection of technology, culture, and businesses, with the occasional sports and music features.