PHOTOS: View the Cara Delevingne Penshoppe collection

MANILA, Philippines – The malls this week will be full of folks participating in the weekend sales, with many no doubt trekking to SM Megamall to check out the just newly opened H&M flagship store

But here's another reason to head over to the mall – local brand Penshoppe recently launched British supermodel Cara Delevingne as its newest brand ambassador, with items being unveiled in "key stores" on October 15, says the brand in its release. 

At only 22, Cara is known in fashion for her distinct look featuring thick, natural eyebrows. Fans love her for her outgoing, playful personality, and has a sizeable following on Twitter and Instagram. 

And though she's walked some of the world's most famous runways, her own style seems to be of the more street-inspired, model-off-duty variety, with a casual, laid-back feel. 

It's this spirit that's channeled in the Penshoppe campaign she's starring in, with clothes in casual material like denim and cotton. To balance out the casual element, there are also leather jackets, and a sleek pair of origami shorts, which are more polished and sleek. 

Here's a look at some of the items in the collection: