Zalora unveils your new wardrobe essentials for 2018

MANILA, Philippines It’s so tempting to just shop and splurge. “New clothes for the New Year” always lingers in the mind around January, when Christmas is over but you’re still hoping to have pretty new things. It is empowering, after all, to face new challenges with an updated wardrobe. Still, more than owning something new, 2018 should be a year when people patronize homegrown designs more. 

Fashion Exchange International recently developed “The New Essentials Collection” exclusively with some of the country’s renowned fashion designer. Exclusively available at Zalora Philippines, this latest concept is envisioned to be this year’s essentials for the ladies’ wardrobe. Notable designers Dennis Lustico, John Herrera, Ivar Aseron, and Rhett Eala were given the opportunity to reimagine our wardrobe staples. Whether dressy or casual, colored or neutral, each designer embodies a distinct collection that is easy to wear, while complementing the different personalities of women.

Dennis Lustico opted for more elegant designs. Soft blushes with black and white pieces dominate his sets of hero tops and classic bottoms. The mauve cocktail dress is simple and chic for dressier occasions.

Gray full peplum top by Dennis Lustico. All photos courtesy of Fashion Exchange International

Gray full peplum top by Dennis Lustico.

All photos courtesy of Fashion Exchange International

Mauve cocktail dress by Dennis Lustico

 White asymmetric top by Dennis Lustico

Acclaimed for his eagle print both here and abroad, John Herrera applies his signature look to the collection. The core motif is set in neutrals both for men and women. The gray pleated shorts and bomber jacket appeals to a more casual and sporty feel.

Gray bomber jacket on gray pleated shorts by John Herrera
Printer wrap dress by John Herrera
White asymmetric print jersey dress by John Herrera

With his particular attention to details, Ivar Aseron interpreted a more feminine collection. Designing with knots and ribbons, the pieces are carried through in a pastel-themed set. The drawstring top and paperbag pants look is definitely the contemporary standout in this collection.

 Drawstring top with paperbag pants by Ivar Aseron

Navy blue sundress by Ivar Aseron
Ruffle sleeve dress by Ivar Aseron

Rhett Eala contrasts colors and fabrics in his collection. Playful and whimsical, the pieces evoke ease in dressing. The blue lace dress is a good choice for a more vibrant and modern look.

Black halter neck dress by Rhett Eala
Blue lace dress by Rhett Eala

 Ruffle sleeve top by Rhett Eala


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