Dubai opens world’s deepest pool

Dubai opens world’s deepest pool

DIVE. Dubai City opens the world's largest underwater deep dive pool in July.

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The massive underwater city attraction boasts a 196-foot underwater pool where scuba and free divers can explore different rooms

Dubai City is now home to the the world’s deepest dive pool and underwater city attraction, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in June.

Deep Dive Dubai, the 60-meter (196 feet) underwater pool, was opened to invitation-only guests on Friday, July 9. The massive underwater attraction is filled with 14 million liters of water, amounting to almost six Olympic-sized swimming pools. It is 15 meters deeper than the previous holder of the record, Deepspot located in Poland.

Divers can freely explore different themed rooms in the attraction and interact with various environments. There’s even an underwater arcade room, where guests can play retro games like Pac-Man or play a round of foosball. 

Deep Dive Dubai can also be used as an underwater film studio, with a media editing room in close proximity.

Deep Dive Dubai expects to open to the public by the end of July. One of the first people to check the place was actor Will Smith, who posted a video of himself before diving, on Instagram.

“This gives new meaning to deep end of the pool. @deepdivedubai is INSANE!!” he wrote.

The attraction isn’t just for certified scuba divers – Deep Dive Dubai is also offering introductory free-diving and scuba diving courses for beginners. If diving alone isn’t your thing, you can also explore the sunken city with your own tour guide. 

For safety measures, the underwater pool has up to 56 cameras installed, as well as a hyperbaric chamber, which is used to treat decompression sickness and other diving-related emergencies.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is also home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa (which stands at 830 meters), and the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. – with reports from Adrian Soriano/

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