Check out digital play place Future Park, where your artwork comes to life

FUTURE PARK. An interactive digital play place opens at Century City Mall. At this installation, the airplanes and houses that guests color are scanned and projected onto a screen. Photo by Vernise L.


MANILA, Philippines – The Future Park at Century City Mall looks mysterious from the outside, but inside its black walls and clouded glass doors is an interactive digital play place. 

FUTURE PARK. An interactive play exhibit opens at Century City Mall. Photo by Vernise L.


At Future Park, kids and adults alike can dodge through walls and trees, play video games that involve tangible objects, and make colorful balls rain down from the ceiling – all through motion detectors and projectors.

Four of the 5 installations at Future Park were brought over from other countries – the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.

INSIDE. Future Park has interactive installations for kids and adults alike. Photo by Vernise L.


Kids as young as two years old can appreciate these games and installations, something that Clear Channels Inc President and General Manager Varick Ong made sure of. He said that he wanted to bring those attractions to his two-year-old daughter, so he wouldn't have to fly her out to other countries to see them. Clear Channels opened Future Park in partnership with Century City Mall.

Here's a look at what's in store at Future Park:

Once you get your tickets and walk past the reception area, you'll be greeted with colorful glowing cubes – chairs for taking your shoes off before entering the main space. The floor is lined with turf, and you'll be given a pair of socks if you didn't bring any that day. 

SEATS. Take your shoes off at these glowing chairs before entering the park. Photo by Vernise L.


Sketch City

The Sketch City exhibit in action at #TheFuturePark @rapplerdotcom — vernise tantuco (@verntantuco) November 28, 2015


Sketch City lets kids use their creativity to create a whole city on their own. Desks and crayons are available for kids and grown-ups to color outlines of planes, hot air balloons, houses, and buses. These artworks are then scanned into the projected city on a huge wall.

Build this City!! Draw, scan, and have your personal sketch made part of #TheFuturePark 's city! A video posted by Century City Mall (@centurymallph) on Nov 27, 2015 at 9:38pm PST


The stationary houses sat on hills, but many people at the press event were excited to see their planes and balloons float through the sky.

SCAN YOUR ARTWORK. Scan your colored planes and houses so they can be projected onto the Sketch City wall. Photo by Vernise L.


Photo by Vernise L.


NOT JUST KIDS. Future Park's installations are fun for adults too. Photo by Vernise L.



Head rush!#TheFuturePark A video posted by The Future Park (@thefuturepark) on Nov 28, 2015 at 11:00pm PST


One of the exhibits for older kids and adults, Headrush is a two-player virtual reality game where you race through trees and villages to the finish line. As a player, you must physically jump and dodge to the sides to avoid the trees and blocks that get in your way onscreen.

HEAD RUSH. Race through houses and forests in Head Rush to beat your opponent u2013u00a0but don't forget to duck! Photo by Vernise L.


Gravity Ball

GRAVITY BALL. Wave your arms around and watch as colorful balls fall from the ceiling. Photo by Vernise L.


This installation is perfect for toddlers, but the adults at the press event enjoyed this one too.

Photo by Vernise L.


As soon as movement is detected, balls that are projected on the wall fall from the ceiling and to the ground. The kids had fun kicking and waving their arms around and watching the balls fly from one end of the wall to the other, while the adults tried to pick the balls up – you could see the colorful balls resting on their shadow's arms.

Just another activity for you OR your kids to enjoy at #TheFuturePark #centurycitymall This one is called Gravity Balls A video posted by Century City Mall (@centurymallph) on Nov 27, 2015 at 9:20pm PST


Social Floor

SOCIAL FLOOR. Meet new people by stepping onto the Social Floor and watching your colored circle and ripples mix with others'. Photo by Vernise L.


This installation is also great for toddlers, especially the shy ones. As soon as you step onto the Social Floor, a colored circle will appear at your feet and send out ripples of color. When your circle or ripple hits another person's, the colors will mix and change.

SOCIAL FLOOR. Walk onto the social floor and watch your colored circle make ripples. Photo by Vernise L.


Adults (especially the taller ones) had a harder time with this exhibit, because their shadows would get in the way of the motion detector in the ceiling. If you want to enjoy this with your child, we suggest you take baby steps, and don't crouch down, so as not to cast too much shadow on the floor.

Room Racers

ROOM RACERS. Kids play at the Room Racers installation, where video game controllers are used to move virtual cars around tangible objects. Photo by Vernise L.


Room Racers may be played with a video game controller, but it isn't your average video game. For one, the screen you're playing the game on is set on the ground instead of a wall. For another, your virtual cars are racing around tangible objects – toy shovels, stuffed animals, and other things that can be found on the messy floor of a child's room.

ROOM RACERS. Race your virtual car around ordinary objects at the Room Racers installation. Photo by Vernise L.


The cars can't get past the toys, and you're free to pick them up and move them around, so be creative about winning! You can trap your opponent by surrounding their car with toys, or even scoop up their car with a shovel and dump them on the opposite end of the screen.

Future Park, located at Century City Mall in Makati, opened to the public on December 1, and will only be open until January 31, 2016.

If you want to check out Future Park, you can spend 4 hours there for P600 on weekdays and P900 on weekends. Varick said that they might have discounts available during the holidays too. For updates, you can visit their Facebook page and their website.

What exhibit are you most interested in trying out at Century City Mall's Future Park? Tell us in the comments! –

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