Ghost hunting in the PH? Here are 7 places

MANILA, Philippines - Most Filipinos have a penchant for spooky places and ghost hunting. With the long weekend and Halloween coming up, why not visit some of the most haunted places in the country?

1. Ozone Disco

In 1996, around 150 people died due to a fire inside Ozone Disco, a trendy club located in the corner of Timog and Tomas Morato Avenues in Quezon City. Due to excessive panicking and lack of proper fire exits, no one was able to come out alive.

When the fire was extinguished and firemen were able to enter the building, most of the bodies they found were piled near the locked exits, trying until their very last breath to get out and escape the fire.

To this day, residents who live where the club used to be say they still see eerie figures dancing in the area late at night. Sometimes, they also hear faint disco music and screams.

2. Manila City Hall

SPOOKY. This coffin shaped building has its fair share of secrets.

AFP Photo

From above, the Manila City Hall looks like a coffin with a cross. If that isn't creepy enough for you, employees often share stoies of how they hear footsteps and whispers behind them at night, only to find out that they are alone. 

3. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

EERIE. The Diplomat Hotel sits over a hill, casting a shadow on the lower areas of Baguio City.

Photo by Izah Morales

What used to be a seminary and vacation house for Dominican priests in the early 1900s is now one of the most popular ghost haunting places in Baguio City. Refugees from the Second World War occupied the building while hiding from the Japanese. Legend has it that priests and babies of refugees were mercilessly killed in the various rooms and near the fountain by Japanese soldiers.

4. Malacanang Palace

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK. Malacanang's halls are not just commonly inhabited by politicians for formal functions u2014 some invisible beings are said to be present, too.

AFP Photo

The Philippines' seat of government has seen Presidents come and go. However, history books do not mention those Presidents and Palace staff who choose to "stay." Among them is former President Manuel Quezon whom some Palace employes say still roam the hallways.

A headless ghost once photographed, a woman in black who passes through walls — some people have also recounted experiences wherein they saw paintings in the Palace move [much like how the paintings in Harry Potter's Hogwarts do]. For more Malacanang ghost stories, click here.

5. Clark Air Base

NOT JUST PLANES. The Clark Air Base is rumored to be inhabited by supernatural creatures as well.

AFP Photo

A ghost of a woman wearing white is said to haunt the base. People driving around the area have shared stories of the woman crossing the street and magically disappearing. Some even say that she also has the habit of sitting in the empty backseat of your car as you drive past the air base's hospital. But she's just one of the many "playful spirits" locals say live in the base.

6. University of Santo Tomas

THROUGH THE YEARS. At 402 years old, Asia's oldest University has some stories to tell.

AFP Photo

Each building in this University has a ghost story or two. One of the most well known is that of the girl who haunts the Main Building's bathroom. People say she took her life in one of the cubicles. A headless nun and a priest who appear in mirrors are also just a few of the stories that circulate among the student body. The University, after all, was an interment camp in the 1940s where prisoners of war were murdered while some died of hunger and others committed suicide.

7. Corregidor

SOLDIER SANCTUARY. This small island off Bataan is a World War II monument in itself.

AFP Photo

WWII vets often cite Corregidor as one of the bastions of the war. Fallen soldiers are said to haunt the island, from the dilapidated hospital to the remnants of the old theater that used to play Hollywood movies for American and Filipino soldiers.

Aside from the war's casualties that still roam the island, there are also said to be about 60 more souls who were killed by the Marcos regime. The mass murder was called the Jabidah Massacre.

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