How beautiful Miagao captured my heart


The night before, they'd screened Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. Sulu Garden's the coolest place in Miagao, in my book. That's not meant backhandedly; it would be a cool place no matter where it was. 

On arriving at the restaurant, we were amazed to find people in wild fantasy costumes roaming about the garden. These were Revenants, a troupe of cosplayers from Iloilo City, who'd come to do a photoshoot for fun.


Among them was a small boy, Lil Kay, looking cute in a summer kimono. Accompanying him was his mom, all dolled up in giant cartoon braids and wielding a mighty kitana. We admired the costumes, took photos, sat down to enjoy good sushi. It was a memorable finish to a colorful trip packed with surprises. (READ: Rundown: La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, and the iconic Iloilo eats

There was more to my Miagao experience. The fabulous church alone is worth a look, but visitors won't regret staying for a while. They can enjoy fresh seafood at the beach, explore the UPV campus, observe bats, and have a beer at Sulu Garden.

Those looking for adventure can go trekking in the mountainous parts of the town's outerlying barangays. They can explore Lake Danao, Sinohutan Cave, various waterfalls, and the Miagao Rice Terraces. Those are places I've yet to see myself – now I have quite a few reasons to go back. –

Oz Mendoza is a freelance writer and photographer. A graduate of the UP College of Fine Arts, he began his career as an illustrator and web designer before exploring the life of a writer. Recently, he became the proud adopter of a new kitten.