LOOK: Adorable, one-of-a-kind Sanrio things, food to check out in Tokyo

TOKYO, Japan – People can “never too old to be Hello Kitty fans because Hello Kitty represents a break from other responsibilities,” Yuko Yamaguchi, a designer behind the beloved character and cultural phenomenon, told Huffington Post.

“Being a fan can be therapeutic,” she said.

If getting a Sanrio fix through retail therapy can be a balm to your everyday woes, and you find yourself in Tokyo, there’s no better place to take your fandom for Hello Kitty and friends further.

The merchandise are cute, cheeky, and possibly one of a kind. Japan, after all, is the birthplace of this whimsical and motley cast of characters. Tokyo, its massive capital, also happens to host Puroland, the indoor theme park dedicated to Sanrio’s cute cast of characters. (IN PHOTOS: Tokyo's Sanrio Puroland is a 'Hello Kitty' fan’s paradise)

Across the bustling metropolis, there are also plenty of shops that sell Sanrio ware, but the lure of the occasional rarity and other unique experiences can’t be denied.

Check out some of the cute Sanrio things we saw in Tokyo:

Keio Plaza Hotel’s Hello Kitty Rooms

KITTY TOWN. Keio Plaza Hotel in Tama features a Hello Kitty-themed room with pop art-inspired decor evoking the bustling megalopolis of Tokyo.

Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

Your stay in Tokyo will be memorable in the company of Hello Kitty with Keio Plaza Hotel’s themed rooms.

Keio Plaza Hotel has 2 locations in Tokyo with Hello Kitty Rooms: one in Shinjuku in the city center, and another in Tama, a stone’s throw away from Puroland. Each branch has its own design for the themed rooms. 

In Tama, the Hello Kitty Room is called “Kitty Town,” as it evokes the busy megalopolis of Tokyo with its pop art-style furniture and decorations. 

From the wall art to the stationery – plus the complimentary water bottle and an exclusive and original plush doll – the room is fully decked out in the beloved feline character’s image.

At this location, your reservation also comes with either a dessert plate or cake. 

KITTYu2019S TREAT. Enjoy this cream puff with vanilla ice cream and seasonal fruits. It comes topped with a langue de chat biscuit decorated with Hello Kittyu2019s likeness, but donu2019t let this dissuade you from enjoying a nice dessert at the hotelu2019s Lobby Lounge.

Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

You can pair your dessert with these tasty drinks – which, of course, still bears Hello Kitty’s image.

HELLO KITTY DRINKS. Pair your dessert with drinks such as this strawberry yoghurt and apple-flavored milk tea.

Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

If you’re staying here, you might also want to partake in a kaiseki dinner (a multi-course dinner) at the hotel’s in-house Japanese restaurant, Ashibi.

KAISEKI. Keio Plaza Hotel Tamau2019s in-house Japanese restaurant Ashibi serves a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner known as Kaiseki. As of writing, they were serving a dinner highlighting ingredients from the Ehime prefecture. Pictured is deep-fried pork and leek coated in yuba age (tofu skin) with Iyokan orange dressing.

Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler

In Shinjuku, the “Princess Room” is a classic, regal-looking retreat befitting the lady known as Hello Kitty. The hotel is very near to the administrative center of the city, Metropolitan Government Building.

The Shinjuku location also has a rooftop bar with breathtaking sweeping view of the city skyline, which you can enjoy with some superb cocktails.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (Shinjuku) – ¥23,800 with breakfast

Address: 2 Chome-2-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-8330 (〒160-8330 東京都新宿区西新宿2丁目2-1)

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama – ¥16,700 with breakfast

Address: 1 Chome-43 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo 206-0033 (〒206-0033 東京都多摩市落合1丁目43)

Gudetama ramen noodles topped with roasted pork 

Gudetama, ever the lazy egg yolk, looks like he’s swimming among the generous slices of chashu (¥1,000). Craving for a bowl of ramen? Are you after the novelty of character-themed food? Indulge in this steaming bowl of noodles, and try not to regret eating the Gudetama-shaped tamago on top.

Find this at: Character Food Court, Sanrio Puroland

Goodnight Cinnamon Dreamy Curry

Don’t worry, this curry (¥1,400) isn’t cinnamon-flavored nor does it taste funky just because it’s blue. But it’s a filling, warm, and tasty plate to have in the middle of your excursion to Puroland.

Find this at: Character Food Court, Sanrio Puroland

Kero Keroppi green tea crepe

Inspired by Sanrio Puroland’s resident kawaii frog, this green tea-flavored crepe (¥650), topped with a scoop of adzuki beans, is for every matcha lover.

Find this at: Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant, Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty pearl earrings

These pearl earrings (¥17,360), featuring Kitty’s face encrusted with crystals, is a sparkly, elegant idea of a gift for a special someone who adores Hello Kitty.

Find this at: Entrance Shop, Sanrio Puroland

Gudetama itazura coin bank

Place your coin (preferrably a ¥500 or similarly sized money) on the egg shaped slot on top of the box, and Gudetama will quickly take a peek to take it, momentarily breaking out of his lazy spell (¥2,980). 

Find this at: Gudetama Shop, Sanrio Puroland

Aggretsuko onesie

In mid-2018, Netflix released a comedy show featuring a working red panda, Retsuko, in a thankless job. However, her penchant for releasing pent-up anger with death metal music during karaoke nights made her somewhat of an icon of millennial work culture.

While Puroland didn’t feature much of this character, they have this pajama jumpsuit or onesie (¥5,500) that can make you channel Retsuko’s rage.

Find this at: Entrance Shop, Sanrio Puroland

Kawaii Kabuki Blu-ray

If you visited Puroland and enjoyed the electrifying kabuki show staged by the Hello Kitty Theater Troupe, grab a copy of the recorded show (¥3,200) and enjoy it back at home.

Find this at: Entrance Shop, Sanrio Puroland

Kawaii Kabuki plush toys

Take a piece of the Kawaii Kabuki action with you, featuring plushies of the ultra-kawaii cast in their traditional wear (¥2,300). Hang it on your bag or car – wherever you wish to keep this souvenir.

Find this at: Entrance Shop, Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland Itekimashitta cookies

Before leaving Puroland, get a box of these delightful cream-filled biscuits (¥650) with your favorite Sanrio characters’ faces on them.

Find this at: Entrance Shop, Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty Shinkansen pink curry

If you’re thinking of attempting to recreate Puroland’s colorful and super-cute curries at home, grab some boxes of this pink curry roux (¥1,000) inspired by Hello Kitty.

Find this at: Entrance Shop, Sanrio Puroland

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*¥1 ≈ ₱0.47

Editor's note: The writer was part of a trip to Tokyo sponsored by Sanrio Puroland.