Siargao among CNN's best surf spots

MANILA, Philippines - A list of the "World's 50 best surf spots" compiled by CNN places the Philippines' Cloud Nine in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte at the 9th spot.

CNN called Cloud Nine a “death ride” where “fearless surfers will experience a slice of paradise or hallucinations as waves wrap over them like a liquid cocoon.”

The description ends with images of “razor-sharp coral” and skin and bone “ripped to shreds by the ocean bed,” perhaps a warning of the intensity of the Cloud Nine high.

See Cloud Nine through the eyes of a foreign tourist:

Aside from its thrilling ride, Cloud Nine is one of the few waves which can be accessed even without a boat. This, at times, leads to overcrowding. Locals have even given it the nickname "Crowd 9."

According to Cloud Nine Surf, Siargao is widely recognized as "The Surfing Capital of the Philippines." It is home to several surfing hot spots.

Although decent waves are present all-year round, surfing season is at its peak from September to March.

Cloud Nine was placed in the top 10, along other world famous sites: