Vigan makes it to top 14 finalists in New 7 Wonders

MANILA, Philippines – Vigan, the capital of Ilocos Sur, has been announced as one of the 14 official finalists in the New 7 Wonders, a project that seeks to have people choose their 7 wonders of the world. 

According to a press release, Vigan, along with the cities of Barcelona, Beirut, Chicago, Doha, Durban, Havana, Kuala Lumpur, La Paz, London, Mexico City, Perth, Quinto, and Reykjavik, were named the 14 finalists. 

"This is a memorable day for all involved in the 14 successful city campaigns," said Bernard Wber, founder-president of New7Wonder.  "The short-list is as inspiring as it is enlightening."

Voting for the New 7 Wonders until the final round will continue through the website and via applications on iPhone and Android. Voting can also be coursed through international telephone voting lines and SMS.

Eamonn Fitzgerald, head of Coumminications at New7Wonders thanked those who participated in the campaign.

“The shortlist will now help voters to focus their understanding of a key trend shaping our world today: urbanization,” he said. “Whether it is innovation or income inequality, or migration or mass transport, some of the most provocative questions of our time are being debated in the context of a changing world in which the majority of humanity lives in cities.” 

The 7 Official New7Wonder Cities will be announced on December 7. 

Last October 2013, The New7Wonders Foundation released a list of 77 cities shortlisted for the campaign. Cities from the Philippines included Cebu and Iloilo, but Vigan was the only one that made it to the Top 27. –